Look Out UFC, Here Comes XARM… Seriously?

Art Davie was one of the creators of the Ultimate Fighting Championship at its birth as a pay-per-view spectacle, well before it morphed into the more organized sport that we follow today.

Another UFC founder, Bob Meyerwitz, foundered in 2008 when he tried to modify MMA with his YAMMA Pit Fighting promotion. At least he was in the same realm. Davie takes it to a whole other arena as he tries to morph MMA with – of all things – arm wrestling.

According to a press release on Friday:

XARM is the next generation in combat sports, combing mixed martial arts with hardcore arm wrestling. It’s three minutes of raw, uncensored action, and it’s unlike anything you’ve ever seen.

The way to win in XARM is to stop your opponent with blows or make him submit. Arm pins are treated like a knockdown in boxing in that the recipient loses points. So, the essence of XARM as a sport is to attack without being tagged or submitted.

No, this is not a joke. Or, if it is, it is quite elaborate. Watch the video for yourself: