The rumor mill is alive and well in MMA, as last week’s story that Anderson Silva and David Loiseau were going to fight one another in June apparently isn’t true. Chalk it up as just that: A rumor.

Possibly the most bizarre thing about the story is that the UFC’s own web site reported that Anderson Silva had been signed last week, which was news to Silva at the time. Silva told FightOpinion.com, “I have another offer from Cage Rage, K-1, and have also been offered a contract for a Kick Boxing fight, and the UFC has also offered me a contract.”

David Loiseau said that he had not been offered a fight, telling MMAWeekly, “I haven’t signed anything. I haven’t heard anything from the UFC about facing Anderson Silva.” So, don’t look for this fight to happen anytime soon.

In other news for Loiseau, MMAWeekly has learned that Loiseau now has a new manager. His old manager, Stephane Patry, had a falling out with David, who will now be managed by the same man who represents former UFC champ Tito Ortiz.