by David Loiseau to MMAWeekly.com
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If you missed Loiseau’s comments today check out the Radio Archive which goes into detail about what happened leading up to his fight with Rich Franklin.

Yesterday, this was the letter Loiseau sent exclusively to MMAWeekly.com about what really happened behind the scenes in his fight.

“There’s a lot of stuff thats been said about me lately. In the past 3 weeks,a lot of things changed in my life. Let me start with the real story that happened with Stephane Patry. This whole mess begun in his office a week before the biggest fight of my career when he told me to re-sign our 3 year contract that had expired. I calmly explained him that at this point of my career, everything I’d sign would get checked out by my lawyer before anything. He didn’t take it. He got furious. He assumed I was saying that because I had left him and signed with someone else behind his
back. But in reality, I was just being professional about my career. I have every right to get each and everyone of my contracts checked out.

He then gave me the cold shoulder the whole week of the fight,like I needed my manager to do this to me before my biggest fight. But what did it for me is that after the fight, we rode together in the ambulance and yall know how messed up I was and the man who’s been taking care of me as a fighter for the past 6 years didnt even look at me. Didnt even ask if I was ok.He was that mad. He was sitting around talkin and laughing with Georges. That really hurt me. But the thing is that he could’ve asked me if I did sign with anyone even if he’d be hearing rumors about it.The worst thing out of all of this, is that till today,I still havent signed with anyone. Then… this interview came up on a website with him saying a lot of things about me. Let me tell you straight up that this whole interview is full of garbage.

I never screwed anyone. Trust me. The only person in this world I owe money to right now is VISA. She’s been lending me money for the past few years because training full time does cost a lot of money. LOL! One thing about Stephane is that he is a very busy man who manages several fighters and promotes the biggest MMA show in Canada (TKO),and there has been a lot of misunderstandings between him and I in the past.

I believe there was no need from him to disrespect me and my team like that about several topics and also speaking on behalf of the UFC about me coming back in 2005. I was on a down at that time and I didnt need that. I have to deal with not only the loss, but the critics that come with it.

I fought my heart out on March 4th. One thing that people don’t know about the fight is that half way through the second round untill the end of the fight,I couldn’t see much. I was lost in there. The left eye was swollen and the right eye had blood in it. I messed up my vision and my balance. I fought this fight more with my heart than with my skills.

Even when I dropped Rich in the third, I had to pause a little and see where he was before trying to finish. The doctor between rounds asked me several times “can you see? Are you sure you can see?” I was like “yes sir!”. I just wanted to keep fighting. I couldn’t see squat man! I knew I was losing, but thats what makes the difference between a regular fighter, and a warrior. I’m nothing but a warrior my friend.

Hope this clarifies everything and that yall still got love for me. 😉 I’d also like to send all my best wishes to Rich Franklin in his recovery from the fight and the surgery. You are a true champion and you deserve everything you got. To all the fans out there,I’m still here. Already back in the gym since last week. Still learning and improving. Thank you for the support. God bless all of you.


David Loiseau