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Prelimary Bouts

The first prelim is complete between Nick Thompson and Keith Wisniewski – Official decision: Nick Thompson won by unanimous decision with a 30-27 on all three judges scorecards. After a back and forth first round Thompson showed a little more speed than Wisniewski early. Kieth in the second round took down Thompson, but Thompson reversed went for the armbar, didn’t quite land it, but landed some great elbows. Third round some great takedowns as both guys worked hard. Thompson finished the third round strong. MMAWeekly scored it 29-28 for Thompson, judges saw it 30-27.

The second prelim is in the books as Thiago Alves wins by TKO. Alves was in trouble getting caught in a heel hook but reversed and then landed hammer fist after hammer fist to get the TKO win. Alves by TKO at 2:25 of Round 1.

In the third preliminary fight Sam Hoger wins by rear naked choke at 2:59 over Jeff Newton.


Main Card

Jeremy Horn vs Trevor Prangley

In the first fight of the pay-per-view, Jeremy Horn and Trevor Prangley stood for the first half of round 1, content to trade blows. The second half of the round, Horn came close to several submissions, but Prangley defended well to finish out the round.

The second round of Horn-Prangley saw some more great stand-up exchanges to start off the round, but most of the round was spent with Prangley trying to pound Horn while in Horn’s guard and ended with another brief exchange to conclude the round.

The third round saw Prangley taking Horn down once again and most of the round was spent with Prangley working a ground and pound attack while Horn worked hard off of his back. In the end, the judges scored the bout unanimously 29-28 for Jeremy Horn.

In between fights, the UFC announced that Frank Mir will fight Andre Arlovski in 2006, Tito Ortiz and Ken Shamrock will return as coaches for TUF 3 (as reported by, and the re-signing of BJ Penn.


Sean Sherk vs George St.Pierre

Georges St. Pierre dropped Sean Sherk early in the first round, but Sherk recovered quickly. Most of the round with spent with the two fighters trading strikes, but with 1:30 left, St. Pierre stunned Sherk with a huge double-leg takedown and finished out the round grounding and pounding Sherk.

St. Pierre worked a very effective jab throughout the first couple minutes of round two before sticking a spinning back kick and then taking Sherk to the mat again. Once the fight hit the ground, St. Pierre opened up a ground and pound clinic on Sherk causing referee Herb Dean to stop the fight at 2:53 of the second round.


Matt Hughes vs Joe Riggs

Following the weigh-in controversy involving Joe Riggs, where he failed to make weight, we’re getting ready for the NON-TITLE fight between him and welterweight champion Matt Hughes.

Hughes and Riggs stood and traded blows for the first minute and a half of round one before Hughes took Riggs down. Working out of Riggs’ half-guard, Hughes surprisingly gave up the ground and pound and snagged Riggs’ arm. Despite Riggs’ valiant efforts to defend, Hughes finished the fight at 3:28 of round one, surprisingly, with a Kimura shoulder lock.


Kevin Jordan vs Gabriel Gonzaga

In the evening’s swing bout, Gabriel Gonzaga dominated Kevin Jordan through the first round, maintaining position and attempting various submissions. He even attained mount towards the end of the round, but couldn’t finish.

The second round was sort of a feeling out round, where Jordan and Gonzaga danced around through the entire round, hardly throwing any blows. A tough round for the judges to score.

After two of the most boring rounds in UFC history, even the announcers were having trouble trying to build this one up, Gonzaga made it one of the more exciting finishes of the night so far. At 4:39 of the third round, Gonzaga landed a crushing right hand/forearm blow that turned Jordan’s nose into a faucet and brought the fight to an end.

Coming up… the middleweight championship between Rich Franklin and Nate Quarry.


Rich Franklin vs Nate Quarry

Wow! In the main event, Rich Franklin left no doubt that he is the champion. He appeared to have knocked Nate Quarry out about two minutes into the first round, but referee John McCarthy did not see fit to stop the action and let the fight go. Then, just moments later, Franklin again caught Quarry with a devastating left hand that caused Quarry to go limp and fall to his back on the canvas with no doubts that he was out. Franklin got the win at 2:34 of the first round.

Getting a good look at Quarry’s nose after the fight, it was obvious that his nose was broken, as it was out of orientation with the rest of his face.

Rich Franklin was gracious in victory, just hoping that he pleased the fans. Quarry was just as gracious, if not more, in defeat, giving all of the credit in the world to Franklin and stating that he’s not done.

Nick Thompson vs Keith Wisniewski
Thiago Alves vs Ansar Chalangov
Sam Hoger vs Jeff Newton

Jeremy Horn vs Trevor Prangley
Sean Sherk vs George St.Pierre
Kevin Jordan vs Gabriel Gonzaga (swing bout)
Matt Hughes vs Joe Riggs
Rich Franklin vs Nate Quarry