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– Matt Wiman defeats Brian Geraghty by TKO due to strikes at 2:09 of round 1

Matt Wiman went for the takedown early in the first round and worked a ground and pound attack. He sat up in Geraghty’s guard and passed to full mount where he unloaded hard punches to the head causing referee Yves Lavigne to stop the fight due to strikes on the ground.

– Leonard Garcia defeats Allen Berube by rear naked choke submission at 4:22 of round 1

Monstah took Garcia down a couple of times early on but never got his ground and pound game going. Late in the first round Garcia reversed position and passed the guard. Once in full mount, Monstah gave up his back and Leonard Garcia locked in a rear naked choke finishing the fight.

– Rob Emerson vs. Gray Maynard was declared a No Contest in the second round

NSAC declared a No Contest because neither fighter was able to continue after Maynard slammed Emerson and Emerson was tapping while Maynard was unconscious.

The first round was controlled by Gray Maynard, while Emerson did try some submissions from the bottom, it was Maynard who controlled the round.

The 2nd round started and almost immediately, Maynard took Emerson down and Rob started tapping right away looking like he was injured but at the same time, Maynard’s head hit the canvas hard as well and was knocked out in a similar situation to what happened to Mark Kerr and Matt Lindland in previous fights.

After the bout was over, Maynard was interviewed by Joe Rogan and said “I remember he tapped and I rolled over. Of course I was a little bit tired. I was not unconscious…I was never unconscious.”

– Cole Miller defeats Andy Wang by TKO due to strikes at 1:10 in round 1

After exchanges from both fighters, Miller landed a head kick that sent Wang to the mat. Miller followed up with ground and pound till the stoppage.

Brandon Melendez vs. Joe Lauzon

In the first round, Lauzon took the fight to the ground and controlled from there where he eventually got the mount. Melendez escaped but was taken down again by Lauzon
MMAWeekly scores the round 10-9 for Lauzon

The second round started much like the first with Lauzon taking the fight to the ground, and again he got the mount. This time Melendez reversed position but was caught almost instantly but a triangle from Lauzon causing the tap out.

Joe Lauzon wins at 2:09 of the 2nd round by tap out from a triangle choke.

Roger Huerta vs. Doug Evans

Rd 1: Evans comes out and looks very impressive with both his stand-up and his takedown defense. He eventually gets Huerta’s back and works for a rear naked choke and gets mount momentarily until Huerta reverses and stands back up. Evans gets Huerta on his back again to end the round
MMAWeekly scores round 1 10-9 for Doug Evans

Rd 2: Huerta comes out with a much bigger sense of urgency and swings big early on. The fight makes its way to the ground and Huerta works to mount and then takes Evans’ back where he flattens him out and proceeds to unload punches to which Evans cannot do anything but put his hands up. The referee stops the fight and Huerta wins by TKO

Floyd Sword vs. Thales Leites

Rd 1: Leites takes control early on working in the clinch and then gets a nice takedown. Leites works from side control but Sword is able to work back to the feet. Soon after, Leites gets another throw, putting Sword down again and the Brazilian gets his back and then transitions to a tight head and arm triangle choke. Floyd Sword taps out and Thales Leites gets the win in the first round, his 2nd UFC win in a row.

Manny Gamburyan vs. Nate Diaz

Rd 1: Manny comes out strong in the first round catching Diaz in a guillotine early on but the Cesar Gracie student fought out of it but spent the majority of the remainder of the round with Manny in his guard, fighting off a strong ground and pound attack.
MMAWeekly scores Rd 1 10-9 for Manny Gamburyan

Rd 2: Manny shoots in immediately and gets stuffed by Diaz but in the exchange, Manny goes down in obvious pain and taps out. Replay shows that Manny may have a separated shoulder and Nate Diaz wins by TKO due to an injury to Manny Gamburyan.

Nate Diaz is the winner of season 5 of the Ultimate Fighter

Jens Pulver vs. BJ Penn

Rd 1: Penn starts strong putting Pulver on his heels early on and gets a takedown. Penn almost locks on an armbar and then transitions to a triangle choke. Pulver defends well and escapes. The fight goes back to the feet where Pulver improves with some dirty boxing.
MMAWeekly scores Rd 1 10-9 for BJ Penn

Rd 2: Penn again gets Pulver to the ground where he works to mount again and then takes Jens’ back. This time he doesn’t let go and after unloading some heavy shots to Jens, he locks on a rear naked choke forcing the tap out.

Winner: BJ Penn by submission (rear naked choke) RD 2