Live From UFC 90 Update

MMAInsider is live in attendance for all the activities surrounding UFC 90 this weekend in Chicago. Today was the pre-fight press conference and these are a few of the scoops to come out of the event so far.

– UFC 90 currently has sold 10,081 tickets for a live gate at this time of $2.7 million, the largest in Allstate Arena’s history.

– Thiago Alves has answered the question many times already, but he once again reassured the crowd in attendance that he would indeed make weight for his fight against Josh Koscheck on Saturday night.

“I’m going to make weight,” Alves said simply.

– UFC President Dana White is also virtually guaranteeing Alves makes his weight saying, “If he doesn’t, we’re going to drag him downstairs and stone him to death.”

(On a sidenote – please make weight Thiago)

Stay tuned to the MMAInsider’s Blog for more information as it becomes available from UFC 90.