Linton Vassell is Going to Make Liam McGeary ‘Pay for Mistakes’

Last November, light-heavyweight veteran Linton Vassell picked up his second straight win with a unanimous decision over Francis Carmont at Bellator 165.

The fight was not an easy one, as Vassell was repeatedly fouled by Carmont, but he persisted and had a strong enough performance to earn the win.

“I feel I did great,” Vassell told “Not many people have done what did: I took him down in the first round and kept him there. I took three low blows and I still managed to get that win. I didn’t get the finish, but I feel I won pretty convincingly.”

Originally the bout with Carmont was slated to take place four months earlier, but Vassell suffered an injury that caused it to be postponed until November. Vassell explained the time off possibly hurt him in the bout with Carmont.

“I did feel a little bit of ring rust, and he’s an obviously a tough opponent as well, so I will say a little bit of time off isn’t always a good thing,” said Vassell.

Coming into his first bout of 2017, Vassell feels he’s continued to evolve as a fighter enough so that his future opponents won’t so easily be able to predict what he can do.

“I do keep the things that work for me, but there’s so much stuff to work on,” Vassell said. “I’ve been working on new things pretty much weekly and going from there. I’m always learning.

“I don’t want to stick to one game that everyone knows. I want to do things that no one expects coming. Adding just enough to change my game and add more to my arsenal.”

On Friday in London, Vassell (18-5) will take on former promotional 205-pound champion Liam McGeary (12-1) in the co-main event of Bellator 179.

“I’ve got to keep that pressure on him and make it my fight,” said Vassell of facing McGeary. “Don’t let him make it about him.

“He likes to keep it long and work his jabs (standing), and on the ground he likes to use the triangle. If he doesn’t do the triangle, he does the kimura, and that’s the main weapon he uses and what he catches people with. I’ve got to do what I do best and make him pay for his mistakes.”

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Vassell believes a win over the former title holder will place him in a position to challenge current Bellator light-heavyweight champ Phil Davis later this year.

“Once I get this fight out of the way (against McGeary), and win this fight, I’m going to be knocking on the door of the champion,” Vassell said.

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