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MMAWeekly Radio kicks off 2006 with a great week of guests on the show. Matt Lindland will be on today’s show with plenty to talk about.

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Matt Lindland will be on today’s show. Lindland was in the corner of Dan Henderson and he gives his take on the Bustamante fight. Lindland will also sound off about Randy Couture’s fight with Chuck Liddell, not to mention this weekend’s sportfight show.

It’s been a good week on the show as the guys have broke down the New Year’s Eve shows, the ratings of the shows, and what it means to both organizations.

Not to mention MMA referee Herb Dean had an interesting take on the Heath Herring situation. Was it a no-contest or a disqualification in his book? Dean also refereed Royce Gracie’s fight and gives his take on the fight with Tokoro.

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