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Matt “The Law” Lindland was not shy talking about how the UFC treated him before he “was fired” from Zuffa headquarters. Also wasn’t shy when talking about Rich Franklin and how Rich “clearly doesn’t want to fight me and has never fought anybody in the Top 10 except Tanner”. If you missed any of today’s interview then click on the radio archive right now at MMAWeekly.com

Lindland heads to the UK for Cage Rage which takes place on December 3rd. Lindland will square off against Brazilian fighter “Nino” Schrembri.

“Obviously he’s got really good ground game…” Lindland told MMAWeekly. “He knocked out Sakuraba so he has some power. The thing I like about him is the fact that he is constantly improving his stand up game, as am I” the former Olympic Silver Medalist said.

So is it a given this fight will be a straight ground battle? Not so said Lindland. “He has a slower style where he takes his time and he wants to take it to the ground. I think this fight may be on it’s feet more people think. We’ve both been working hard on standup and I think much of this fight will be on it’s feet. It’s like when two wrestlers fight. You see plenty of stand up in those types of fights.”

Lindland spoke publically for the first time since leaving the UFC. How does he feel about fighting in Cage Rage and not against Rich Franklin on November 19th? Listen today on the radio archive on MMAWeekly Radio.

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