Like Most, Bristol Marunde Eyes UFC, but Happy With SCC 2 Victory

August 24, 2011

Bristol Marunde during his IFL days

Bristol Marunde during his IFL days

Since the IFL closed up shop in 2008, Bristol Marunde has quietly racked up eight wins in his last nine fights and has become one of the middleweight division’s most consistent fighters.

As Marunde told, the main difference between the fighter he was then and the fighter he is now is the development of his mental game.

“I think fighting is 100-percent mental, and if you’re in the right frame of mind, you can win fights,” he said. “If you show up to the gym and have a good head on your shoulders, you can win.

“The more I win, the more I pick up momentum; and fighting – like many things in life – once you get the ball rolling, you pick up speed.”

Marunde also credits a relocation from the Northwest to Las Vegas to be part of the Throwdown Training Center as a big part of his continued growth.

“Moving to Las Vegas has been big for me because of the support of the gyms, and with all the great fighters down here, you have no choice but to get better,” he said. “It’s a community here of fighters who all want to see each other get better and grow.

“As a majority, everybody’s real friendly and wants to help each other grow. The more I’m into this sport, the more I realize it’s a team sport. Yeah, I’m alone out there fighting in the cage, but it takes a supportive team to help me win.”

Marunde was able to showcase his development with a first-round submission of Victor Moreno at this past Saturday’s Superior Cage Combat 2 show.

“I knew going into the fight he was a pretty scrappy veteran of the sport, but his only chance to beat me was to land a lucky punch,” said Marunde. “As we started to engage, he was throwing, throwing for the fences, and trying to knock me out.

“On the ground I knew I had the big advantage, and being a patient fighter, I waited for the right time to take him down. Halfway through the first round, I shot in and took him down and secured the Kimura and pretty much tore his arm off.”

The win was Marunde’s third in a row, and he looks to keep that momentum going in the remainder of the year, wherever he ends up.

“The SCC has talked about a November show, I really like fighting at home in Las Vegas, and the SCC has been treating me well, so I want to do all I can to help the organization grow,” he said.

“At this point, now I’m looking forward to my next fight. Hopefully the UFC sees what I’m doing and likes it, and I can get into a big organization.”

In the three years since most fans had a chance to last see him fight, Marunde has grown as a person and as a fighter, and it may only be a matter of time before he’s given an opportunity to shine again on a big stage.

“I want to say watch out for Bristol Marunde,” he concluded. “I want to wreak havoc in the 185-pound division, and I’d love to put on a show for anybody that’d have me.”

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