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Chuck Liddell has heard what Jeremy Horn has to say about him. Now Liddell sounds off giving his thoughts on the fight this weekend.

You can watch Liddell’s comments right now on MMAWeekly TV. In the video you will see Liddell training clips, his girl Willa Ford giving Chuck tips on how to make his toes look better, Chuck’s thoughts on the fight and more on MMAWeekly TV.

It’s interesting to note how the fans see this fight. Right now there have been over seven thousand votes on the MMAWeekly home page and this is how the fans have voted so far.

Jeremy Horn – 50.54%
Chuck Liddell – 49.46%

Basically dead even, almost a pickem. Sportsbook.com right now has the odds in the champions favor as right now Liddell is at -200 while the challenger Horn is at +160.

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