MMAWeekly Radio
Chuck Liddell was today’s featured guest on MMAWeekly Radio as Ryan Bennett and Frank Trigg have given listeners interviews with Randy Couture and Chuck Liddell in back to back days on the radio show.

Liddell talked about the difference between his two fights with Randy Couture saying Couture surprised him with the first fight and that his adjustments in the second fight were of course the difference in the Iceman getting the victory in the last fight. Liddell told MMAWeekly Radio that he already has made a few more adjustments for this upcoming fight as they get set to battle at UFC 57.

Liddell then addressed the eye poke situation. Chuck went into detail about why there was an accidental poke in Liddell vs Couture 2, when he felt the poke occurred, and if it made a difference in the fight. Yesterday Couture came on the radio and said his game plan changed once the poke happened. Liddell has a different take. Chuck then addressed “poke” incidents in previous fights and whether Tito Ortiz and Vernon “Tiger” White had any merit to their claims.

Maybe the most interesting part of the interview was when Chuck discussed his personal life, including his recent break up with Willa Ford and where they stand today, as well as talking about acting in movies as well as the tv show “Blade” . Liddell also assessed his future and whether he believes he will ever get a fight with Wanderlei Silva and Quinton Jackson.

Liddell also talked about how many fights he has left in his career, who he thinks will be a better coach on Ultimate Fighter 3 Tito Ortiz or Ken Shamrock, and addresses Trigg’s question if he is in fact a millionaire.

Liddell finished the interviewing saying he believes he will get the knockout in Round 2 or Round 3 this time around instead of Round 1 and gave an update on the rumors going around about his knees. Are they fine? Was it a internet rumor? Liddell addressed it all today on MMAWeekly Radio.

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