by Damon Martin & Jeff Cain – MMAWeekly.com
After much speculation and rumor about former UFC light heavyweight champion Chuck Liddell returning to the Octagon on September 22nd to take on former Pride champion Wanderlei Silva, MMAWeekly has confirmed that the fight is officially off.

Kevin Iole of Yahoo! Sports interviwed UFC president Dana White and it was reported that a intermediary from Silva’s Chute Boxe camp informed the UFC that he did not want to fight Liddell and now the organization is trying to secure a main event for the pay-per-view taking place in Anaheim.

When MMAWeekly contacted Chuck Liddell, the former UFC light heavyweight champ commented, “To my knowledge, he turned it down, but I don’t pay attention much until they tell me it’s time to go. There is never any problem with me signing to fight.”

Obviously this news is stunning as Wanderlei Silva has always taken on top competition in the past and Liddell would be no exception but coming off of back to back losses, this is a critical point in Silva’s career and he needs to get a win but one would think beating Liddell would be the type of high profile victory the former Pride champion would want.

White also commented that there is a chance they could bring in another fighter to face Liddell in the main event but as of right now no names have been mentioned as the dream match that so many MMA fans have wished for is dead, at least for now.

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