Liam McGeary Will Just Keep Knocking Guys Out Until He Gets His Bellator Title Shot

Liam McGeary-BellatorFew fighters can boast of the kind of start that Liam McGeary can to his Bellator career.

Since joining the promotion last year, McGeary hasn’t seen the two-minute mark in any of his four fights, finishing all his opponents in less than four minutes combined.

It’s a splashy debut for someone whose road to Bellator wasn’t always smooth.

“I just wanted to fight and they were struggling to find people to fight me,” McGeary told “I kind of had something of a hissy fit and said something needs to happen and I needed to earn some money and needed to fight pretty soon.

“Luckily things got lined up with Bellator – and after some visa issues pushed my debut from December (of 2012) to April of last year – things started off from there and have just kept going.”

McGeary’s Bellator performances are only improving on his three previous fights in which he had finished all of those opponents.

“I’m happy with how the performances have been going,” said McGeary. “I’m glad that Bellator has given me this chance to do what I love on such a big show. I’ve had some ups and downs in the beginning, but now things are pretty much plain sailing now.”

With such a strong start, McGeary addressed the possibility of added pressure to continue such performances by saying, “No, I don’t feel any pressure.

“I just generally go in there and do what needs doing and whatever happens, happens. I just go in there and punch the guy in the face and go from there, really.”

It’s that very direct philosophy that McGeary (7-0) will take into his Bellator light-heavyweight tournament semifinal bout against Egidijus Valavicius (27-10) on Friday in Temecula, Calif.

“I just need to keep on doing what I’m doing,” said McGeary. “(Valavicius is) a tough fighter, so I’ll hit him and then hit him a couple more times and see what we can really do. I’m looking forward to putting a show on.”

While recent changes in the management side of Bellator might have put some question on whether or not the tournament format could continue, for McGeary, he feels that no matter what, his time for a 205-pound title shot will come, as long as he continues to do what he’s been doing from the start.

“This tournament is a good idea; you’ll have a title spot waiting if you win,” he said. “Now with the new management, I’m not entirely sure how it’s going to happen, so I’ve got to just keep doing my job and knocking people out.

“When I do get my shot, I’ll be more than ready for it when it does happen.”

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