Let’s Watch Floyd Mayweather Try to Explain How Marijuana is a Prop on His Reality Show

September 27, 2014

Shocker: Reality TV isn’t as real as it’s portrayed to be. Even Floyd Mayweather admits that his own show, “All Access,” is edited to the point of lacking any genuine pieces. Cue the outrage!

Part of Mayweather’s show featured footage of marijuana, and this became a concern for the panel during Floyd’s recent Nevada Athletic Commission hearing. If you don’t live in Colorado or Washington or have a medical exemption for it, possessing or partaking in the recreational use of the “Maui-wowi” is a no-no.

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But not to worry, Nevada government officials, because it was all just a prop for television. So says Floyd, anyway.

Check out the video below of Mayweather explaining how the pretend reefer on his show was meant to “sell a lifestyle.”

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