by Jeff Cain – MMAWeekly.com
Sherron Leggett was impressive in his WEC debut stopping Charlie Kohler in the second round with strikes. Today, live on Versus, Sherron returns to the WEC against Jamie Varner and looks to make his mark in the WEC lightweight division.

Asked how he thinks he stacks up in the WEC lightweight division, Leggett said, “At the top of the heap.”

Leggett walks around between 165 and 170lbs. He likes to cut down to 155 from about 162. Discussing cutting weight and if it’s hard for him, Leggett stated, “Sometimes it is and sometimes it ain’t. That’s what it is. Sometimes it’s tough. It’s like it’s always tough around that last pound. The last pound or two, they never want to come off. Even if I’m cutting five pounds, if I was getting down to 160, the last pound would hurt.”

Sherron trains out of Freestyle Academy with Dave Stasser. MMAWeekly caught up with Strasser and asked about Leggett. Sherron’s long-time training partner commented, “I’m extremely proud of everything that he’s done. He was only a high school wrestler for two or three years, wasn’t very good. He came in, and actually there were a lot of big names, we’ve had seven guys from the gym actually go to the UFC, so we’ve had really good quality fighters, and several of these guys came up to me and said, ‘listen, I don’t think this guy is going to do anything. I don’t know why you keep working with him. He just doesn’t do things right.’ I said, no, no, he’s just got to find his way. We’ve go to let him find his way. And seeing him progress, it’s only been about two and a half years maybe, seeing him progress from something that nobody thought he would be to actually, I think, one of the top 155-pounders in the world really, really makes me proud. Every little thing is kind of an indication that we’re doing something right and he’s doing something right… I think he has as bright a future as anyone in the game.”

Leggett’s found a home at the Freestyle Academy and doesn’t intend on going anywhere else. He told MMAWeekly, “Look here, you don’t need a hundred; I don’t think you need like forty-eight training partners. You don’t need to go to all the gyms. It don’t matter where you’re from. It matters what you put in it.”

Asked about his fight tonight against Jamie Varner, Leggett responded, “I just know I’m going to put on the F.C.P., that full court press and whatever comes from that… I hope he can handle that full court press.”

Leggett continued, “I’m going to step in the ring. I’m going to be the king of the ring. I’m going to spank somebody’s booty.”

A win over Jamie Varner, who has a 1-1 UFC record, would certainly move Sherron Leggett up the WEC lightweight ladder. All he has to do now is back up his words in the cage Sunday night.