Legend FC Champion Wenbo Liu Inspired by Opportunity Promotion’s Recent TV Deals Afford

February 10, 2013

Wenbo Liu - Legend FC

Wenbo Liu (Courtesy of Legend FC)

To be a champion is the goal of every fighter. And even more so, to be a champion recognized internationally is even better.

For Legend FC middleweight champion Wenbo Liu, the opportunity to become so recognized has finally come to pass thanks to his promotion’s recent business deals.

Agreements with AXN Television and ESPN International will allow Legend to be show throughout Europe, Asia, South America, Australia and New Zealand, while deals with Drama Fever and Hulu will bring internet streaming of the promotion’s shows to North America.

“It gives me a feeling of accomplishment and makes me feel like a successful athlete,” said Wenbo of having his fights available internationally. “It means I can earn more money to support my family. It is also a humbling experience, driving me to work harder to not let my fans down.”

Wenbo went undefeated in 2012, winning both his fights and taking the Legend middleweight championship. Still, that’s not to say things weren’t difficult for him.

“I overcame a lot of obstacles, such as finding a right training venue as China does not have a lot of good MMA gyms,” he said. “I had to balance that with taking care of my family and my side businesses, figuring out living expenses, etc. Fortunately I came out successful, or it would have been a very tragic end to 2012.”

Wenbo closed out the year at Legend 10 in August defeating Haejun Yang in what was one of his tougher bouts to date.

“This is one of my favorite fights that I’ve been in,” said Wenbo. “I think I made a couple mistakes that could have been avoided.

“Yang found my weakness at one point in round one, had that not happened I believe the match would have ended much sooner. I’m glad to know that my training and preparation has not been in vain.”

Looking ahead to 2013, Wenbo told MMAWeekly.com that he wants to be a fighting champion and keep moving up the international ladder.

“My goals include defending my Legend title, taking care of my body and improving my fighting technique,” he said. “I hope I will find more sponsors to improve my training quality and find a team that will make me a world-wide champion.

“I am grateful each day I get to fight. Thank you for your support and faith in me, I will not let you down.”

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