Legacy FC Promoter Mick Maynard Says They’ve Got Plenty of Top-Level Fighters Ready to Go

Legacy FC LogoFormer Legacy FC fighter Chad “Robo” Robichaux, in a recent interview with MMAWeekly.com, stated how difficult it was for him to find fights and was thus searching for other offers.

Upon reading the article, Legacy President Mick Maynard contacted MMAWeekly.com wanting to refute Robichaux’s claims and clear up any doubt that the promotion was indeed trying to give Robichaux what he wanted.

“Honestly when we read it – and I say ‘we’ because several people called me about it – firstly, it didn’t mention us, which is fine, but secondly, we offered Chad a huge long list of people who want to fight him,” said Maynard.

“We have no shortage of 125ers, 135ers and people who’d meet him in between if he wants it. So when I read that article it bugged me because it gave the implication that we didn’t have enough high-level people and that everybody was scared to fight him. There’s really nothing further from the truth.”

Maynard stated that an offer to fight a former WEC/UFC veteran was on the table, as well as others waiting in the wings, when Robichaux claimed there were no top-level fighters available to face him.

“We were waiting for an answer on an offer to fight Damacio Page,” said Maynard. “I’m pretty sure he’d consider Damacio a top-level fighter.

“We also had Thomas Almeida, who is an undefeated fighter, and Will Compuzano was supposed to fight Chad in his last fight and Chad missed weight. When Will agreed to fight him at a catch weight, we got word back that Chad couldn’t fight for medical reasons. There’s still that fight on the table as well.”

Maynard’s disappointment with Robichaux’s recent statements are tempered by the fact that Legacy’s upcoming show in Houston on July 19 and set to air live on AXS TV could become a milestone event in the promotion’s history.

“It’s going to be one of our best shows ever,” said Maynard. “I know that’s pretty standard promoter talk, but this card I think is particularly stacked.

“It’s the debut for us of (former UFC featherweight) Leonard Garcia, and we’re all very excited about that. The guy he’s fighting, Rey Trujillo, has a very similar style, so based on their history, they’re going to come in there and throw down. We have two titles on the line. We have the debut of one of the best female boxers ever in Holly Holm, who will be fighting Alana Jones, who is on loan from the CFA after her fight against Fallon Fox.”

Maynard concluded, “I hope people tune in (for Legacy FC 21) on Friday, July 19, to AXS TV. It’s going to be an amazing fight card from top to bottom, so check it out.”

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