Legacy FC Building Bridges for Some, but Working to Become a Desirable Home for Fighters

December 27, 2012

Legacy FC LogoLooking over 2012, Legacy FC president Mick Maynard couldn’t have been happier with how his promotion performed.

“It was a really, really good year,” he said. “We did I think seven events and were very busy and the whole experience will enable us to broaden out in 2013 and go to some different cities.

“The quality of the fights were at a really high level and we got a lot of acknowledgement from the fans and AXS TV, so it was a really good year.”

Though the year exceeded expectations, it wasn’t without its difficulties. As Maynard points out, injuries nearly decimated several shows for the company.

“It’s interesting because our year in many ways mirrored the UFC in terms of injuries,” said Maynard. “We had a lot of injuries.

“There was one card where we had seven or eight people fall out. And it tended to happen for several fight cards throughout the year, back to back to back we’d lose multiple people off every card. That was frustrating, so I’m hoping 2013 we’ll be luckier and are off that bad streak.”

Injuries aside, Maynard told MMAWeekly.com that there were quite a few standout performances by Legacy fighters this past year.

“Thomas de Almedia is actually nominated for Highlight of the Year on AXS TV for his fight at Legacy 15,” said Maynard. “Cody Williams, who lost to Thomas, has fought for us a couple times and even though he’s only 4-4, the guy is incredibly talented and has never had a boring fight.

“Robert Drysdale remained undefeated and every time he goes to the ground he’s going to make you hold your breath because he’s just that good on the ground. Jeff Rexroad winning his (Legacy 14) fight with his submission, the Rexangle, was also really very cool.”

Looking forward to 2013, Maynard echoes the goals of many of his contemporaries in the goal of expanding the reach of his promotion.

“We’re increasing the amount of events we’re doing and we’re moving around a bit more,” said Maynard. “We’re going down to San Antonio, Dallas, Houston, and we’re also including Louisiana in the Lake Charles area. We’re really excited about expanding our brand into different cities.”

Maynard hopes when looking back over what will be 2013 that the company would have achieved its goals of expansion and continue to put out a consistent product that fans can continue to get behind.

“We have an excellent style of fighting that we’re very proud of, and I can honestly say to the people who have tuned into all the events that we’ve put on TV, we’ve never had a bad televised event,” he said. “I’m hoping we can continue that trend.”

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