Lee Murray vs. Anderson Silva? Uh, no…

Not too many of today’s newer fans probably remember who Lee Murray is, but his name came up on Friday when UFC president Dana White addressed fans in the U.K.

A little background… Murray was a once promising British mixed martial artist with a professional record of 8-2-1. He holds wins over fighters such as Jose Pele Landi-Jons and, at UFC 46, Jorge Rivera.

Asked about Murray facing Anderson Silva again – Murray lost to Anderson in a Cage Rage bout in 2004, which was Murray’s most recent MMA action – White told the crowd, while he is definitely a tough guy “fighting Anderson Silva is the least of his problems.”

That’s probably putting it mildly. To most MMA fans – and UFC fans in particular – Murray is probably most famous for a brawl with former UFC star Tito Ortiz outside of a bar in England after UFC 38. Tito denies the incident happened, but Murray and others say that the Brit dropped Tito during their fight before fleeing the scene.

What White was more likely referring to though is Murray’s more recent legal troubles. He is currently in a Moroccan prison for his involvement in the largest cash heist in British history… 53 million pounds!

Less than two weeks ago The Sun newspaper in the U.K. reported that Murray and his partner, Paul Allen, were named in court as the masterminds behind the heist. Allen is being held in the U.K., but Murray is still in a Moroccan jail cell because he is actually a Moroccan citizen and a judge there has yet to determine if he can be extradited to the U.K. to face up to the alleged crime.

Below is his 2004 Cage Rage fight with Anderson Silva. The fight is broken up into three parts, thus the reason for three videos below.

Anderson Silva vs. Lee Murray Part 1:
Anderson Silva vs. Lee Murray Part 2:

Anderson Silva vs. Lee Murray Part 3: