by Ken Pishna
According to the website of the gym where UFC veteran Lee Murray trains, London Shootfighters, the British fighter has returned to training. Noticeably lighter, it is still amazing that Murray has returned to any sort of training just five weeks after having open heart surgery to repair injuries sustained in an attack.

In late September, Murray was attacked outside of a popular London nightclub following a party. According to Alexis Demetriades, an instructor at the London Shootfighters gym, “[Murray] got stabbed while he was fighting a group of guys. They [were] very bad wounds that punctured lungs, ribs, and put a hole in his heart.”

Murray fought in the UFC defeating Jorge Rivera in January of 2004. He has had only one fight since, losing a decision to Anderson Silva at Cage Rage 8 a year ago.

Returning to training is still a long ways off from returning to the ring, especially after having fought for his life while in the hospital, but it is never-the-less a positive step in Murray’s recovery efforts.