Lee Morrison Heads into CageSport 25 Knowing a Title Shot is on the Line

Lee Morrison-CageSport 25It’s been nine months since featherweight up-and-comer Lee “American Bulldog” Morrison last fought, but it’s not because he couldn’t find fights, it’s because he’s got other priorities at the moment.

“I’m a teacher and a wrestling coach, and back home I don’t exactly have training partners, plus I’m going to back to get my master’s degree too, so I don’t really have time because I’ve got a lot of stuff going on in my life right now,” said Morrison.

So if fighting is not the main focus in his life at the moment, why fight at all?

“Just that inner desire to still compete is just one of those things that just doesn’t leave you when you’ve been an elite athlete all your life,” said Morrison.

“I kind of get that Cinderella story too, because college wrestling went well, but not as good as it could have, so this is kind of a second chance to so to say.”

Currently riding a six-fight winning streak with an 11-3 record overall, Morrison has proven himself worthy of at least getting a shot at a belt, and that’s what he’ll get when he faces Julian Erosa in a title eliminator bout at Saturday night’s CageSport at the Queen Emerald Casino in Tacoma, Wash.

“I’m a wrestler, he’s a stand-up guy, and while I’m not necessarily looking to stand up with someone who has eight to ten inches of reach on me, I am looking to move in, throw some punches and set up the takedown and do what I do best,” Morrison told MMAWeekly.com.

“It’s going to be a strategy game, and whoever pulls off their strategy better is going to win it.”

Last year during his recent winning streak Morrison defeated Drew Brokenshire, who went on to defeat Erosa for the CageSport title.

When asked if he feels defeating the man who defeated his upcoming opponent will give him any kind of edge, Morrison replied, “It’s definitely a confidence booster, but I’ve been around sports so long that I know anyone can beat anyone on any given day. It’s just one of those things to where whoever shows up in shape and applies their game plan better will come out on top.

“Yes, I’d like to think I have a little bit of a boost because I beat Brokenshire and he beat Erosa, but it only takes one punch to end someone’s night.”

With the winner of his bout against Erosa slated to face the winner of the evening’s main event between Brokenshire and Shorty Wiekel for the title later this year, Morrison admits he thinks about the possibilities, but he’s doing his best to focus on what’s in front of him first.

“That’s definitely something that’s on my mind, but at the same time, I’m not looking past the fight I have in front of me,” said Morrison. “If I lose this fight it will drop me back down, so I’m taking it one fight at a time and if I do get that title opportunity, awesome, but on the flipside of things my manager has some good things lined up for me too.

“If get to fight Drew again, fine, but if I move on to another organization, then so be it, but I’m definitely not looking past July 6.”

(Photo courtesy of CageSport and Ernie Sapiro Photography)

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