Gerald Harris might just be the man to find out the inside track on who LeBron James will sign with.

Well, maybe not, but James is definitely a fan of Harris’ knockout skills. The NBA’s current reigning MVP and one of the biggest free agents in the league’s history took time over the weekend to watch the highlights of the Oklahoma fighter’s slam knockout of Dave Branch at UFC 116.

Talking with MMAWeekly Radio on Monday night, Harris says that he heard from a reliable source that the current Cleveland Cavalier was watching ESPN and saw the slam heard round the world.

“My friend is a good friend of LeBron’s. he said they were sitting on the couch watching ESPN and LeBron saw the clip, and he had to DVR it. He kept rewinding it,” said Harris. “So LeBron saw me! That was one of my goals. I’ve got to check that off the list.”

Harris’ knockout made list after list during the weekend, including ESPN’s top plays during Monday’s broadcast of SportsCenter. His finish actually landed two spots ahead of Brock Lesnar’s second-round submission of Shane Carwin on the show.

“I hope he don’t take that personal,” Harris said about Lesnar. “I’ve got some crazy friends, and they’d be like, ‘I got your back,’ but if I told them Brock Lesnar was at the door, I don’t think none of them are going to show up.”

Admitting that the whole whirlwind of ending up on ESPN highlights and shows like “Around the Horn” and “Pardon the Interruption” was a bit of a shock to him, Harris says it’s something he’ll always remember.

“It’s like being in a basketball game, and there’s one second left on the clock, and you throw the ball from half court. That’s what it feels like, when you hit the shot and win the game. You can’t mimic it. It’s just one of those things that just happens,” Harris commented.

Following the fight, Harris of course received the “Knockout of the Night” bonus from the UFC, and because of the exposure all over ESPN, it’s expected that the former “Ultimate Fighter” competitor will be a shoe-in for a guaranteed televised slot on his next fight.

Harris, who was actually given a chance to come back to the UFC by president Dana White, says he’s a team player, and he knows he’ll get to the right place at the right time.

TV or no TV, he’s putting opponents down no matter who sees his fights.

“I’ll be on the undercard forever. I said I’ll get there when I get there,” Harris said. “I don’t expect nothing. I’ll take another newcomer, undercard, first fight; I don’t care. Fight Night, pay-per-view, it don’t matter to me. I’m building the same energy in every fight.”

Harris is back home in Oklahoma where he’ll stay until the UFC comes calling again for Mr. ESPN.