Leben played all his cards against Bisping

Chris “The Crippler” Leben went into UFC 89 with the intentions of knocking Michael “The Count” Bisping out, but found himself at the end of the Englishman’s punches and unable to solidly connect with his looping strikes.

Frustration mounted in the waning moments of round two when Leben dropped his hands and walked in without defense into Bisping’s jabs in an effort to get The Ultimate Fighter season three winner to exchange with him.

Leben would repeat the same tactic in the final seconds for round three. “He had landed more shots during the fight. I knew he had probably won those other rounds, so I said, I’ve got to draw him in somehow,” explained Leben.

“I was playing ever card I had. At that point I was like screw the straight. I was trying to get him to come in and bang with me a little bit and maybe I can land that shot,” he added. “Sometimes you do and sometimes you don’t. This time I didn’t. It was Bisping’s night.”