Law Practice Set, Tyron Glover Takes MMA Return to MFC 28

February 16, 2011

Tyrone Glover

Tyrone Glover

It’s not often an athlete can take five years off from a sport and come back and compete at the same level they had before, let alone be better, but that’s something Colorado lightweight Tyrone “T-Money” Glover is intent on achieving.

Having spent five years off from MMA to concentrate on getting his law practice up and running, Glover returned this past November with an impressive win over Nick Buschman in the Fight to Win promotion.

“I thought I’d have a little bit of ring rust, but I kind of went right out there and did well,” said Glover to

“It helped that I had a good presence in the audience who came out to support me. I’m real big on feeling like the fans in the crowd out there are showing up to see a great performance and that’s what I delivered. I felt good and felt like I got right back in my groove and was good to go.”

When Glover left MMA in 2005, the lightweight division was in disarray with few promotions supporting the weight class and the UFC lacking a champion. With circumstances different in the present day, Glover felt he still had what it took to continue where he had left off.

“I really wanted to get back in there,” he stated. “I had a milestone I wanted to accomplish. I wanted to get my law career started and I felt that I still had the body; I still had the skills and resources that I should take another shot at it and give it another go.”

Not only was Glover intent on returning for himself, fellow fighter Josh Ford served as a form of inspiration for his return.

“He actually fought in July and I cornered him,” commented Glover. “He did all the training having a family and two businesses and was able to make it happen. So I figured if he could make it happen, I could make it happen.”

Enter the expert trainers and top tier training partners at the famed Grudge Training Center and Glover now finds himself competing on the upcoming HDNet televised MFC 28: Supremacy show on Feb. 25 against Robert Washington.

“He’s a real tough wrestler who definitely has the gas to go all three rounds and keep up the pressure,” said Glover of Washington. “What you should expect is that this guy’s gonna bring it and so am I.

“I’m a finisher. Five of my six fights have been finished in the first round by submission. I like to get in there and get out. I’m looking to finish hopefully in the first, but I’ll take it in the second or third (as well).”

For Glover, his success outside MMA means that he can focus on a very specific aspect of the sport.

“The overall goal is to make improvements in every training camp and fight I have,” he stated. “I don’t necessarily have a goal as far as how many wins I want to rack up, whether I want to grab a belt or not. I feel like making those sorts of goals are sort of out of your control.

“The things I can control is how much I’m improving between each fight, how much more focused I become with each fight, and how much a complete martial artist I become each day.”

Glover isn’t content on reveling in past glory, but instead wants to forge a new chapter for himself and be even better than before.

“I’d like to thank all my training partners at Grudge, Easton and Paragon Jiu-Jitsu; my sponsors: Full Tilt Poker, No Gi and Ink’d Out; and everyone that’s helped me,” he closed out. “Go to for all the information on my next bout, Feb. 25, MFC on HDNet Fights.

“I go out there to perform and part of my performance is ending the fight. So look for me to go out there and win in impressive fashion.”