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This weekend in Las Vegas the odds were updated at a few casinos including the Venetian. Here is the breakdown of UFC 58 and UFC 59. The most interesting stat about UFC 58 is the fact that not a single Canadian is favored on the card.

The Venetian

David “The Crow” Loiseau +220
Rich Franklin -300
– The Champion is a big favorite as you would have to bet 300 dollars to win $100, while if you like the challenger, then you would bet just $100 to win $220 on Loiseau.

BJ Penn -140
Georges St.Pierre +110
– Penn is just a slight favorite over St.Pierre. Close to being a pickem fight.

Joe Doerksen -115
Nate Marquadt -115
– It’a pickem fight between Marquardt and Doerksen

John Alessio +250
Diego Sanchez -330
– The nightmare is a big favorite over John Alessio. You would have to bet 330 to win 100 on Sanchez.

Steve Vigneault +375
Mike Swick -550
– Swick is the biggest favorite on the card according to the bookmakers. Swick is a whopping -550 which makes him the biggest favorite on the card.

Hominick +350
Edwards -500
– While Swick is the biggest favorite, Yves Edwards isn’t far behind. Edwards is at -500 which means you would have to bet 500 to win 100 on Yves.

Stout +150
Florian -180
– It’s a very close battle between Florian and Stout. Florian is a slight favorite in this battle.

Macdonald +200
Lambert -250
– Jason Lambert is the favorite as the lines open with Lambert at -250.

Kristof Midoux +150
Tom Murphy -180
– Another close battle but it’s Murphy opening as the slight favorite.

There weren’t many odds released on this card since the entire card hasn’t been announced.

Forrest Griffin +170
Tito Ortiz -200
– Tito Ortiz is the opening favorite. Ortiz is -200 which means you would have to bet 200 to win 100.

Tim Sylvia +180
Andrei Arlovski -220
– Not a big surprise that the current champion and the man who defeated Sylvia is the favorite. Arlovski opens at -220.