Lack of Estrogen to Blame for TUF Antics

With the last few weeks of “The Ultimate Fighter” looking more like the seminal gross-out show “Fear Factor,” many fans have been wondering what TUF cameras really want to focus on. At the pre-fight press conference for UFC 91, UFC president Dana White addressed critics who said the show was going down the toilet, literally.

According to White, it’s not the men who are responsible for the seemingly endless stream of pranks involving bodily-fluids. It’s the women, or lack of them.

“I want you to really seriously think about this,” White told reporters. “If there were no women on earth, guys would probably never brush their teeth, comb their hair, they’d all be pissing on each other, they’d all be drunk, and god knows what their apartment would look like or your car. It’s how guys are.”

White said other athletes had corroborated the TUF 8 experience at his trip to a Tony Hawk Foundation skating event, which he documented on his popular video blog.

“I was talking to some of the snowboarders, and the guys who do some of those snowboard videos, where they drop them off in the helicopter, (and they) said there’s times they get stuck up there because there’s a storm and the helicopter can’t come in,” White explained. “They said what goes on is exactly like The Ultimate Fighter. It’s the way guys are. It’s unfortunate and we don’t want to look at ourselves that way – that’s who we are.”

As to whether he would eventually crack the whip on the childish behavior, White shrugged his shoulders. After all, ratings are ratings – pranks and characters like Junie Browning have reversed a trend of declining ratings for the show.

“It is what it is,” he said. “It’s reality television. Would I sit around and drink piss with a bunch of guys? No, it’s not my thing. I wouldn’t do it. When they kept eating his food, I thought that was pretty funny. That’ll stop you… anybody who’s ever had roommates before gets that one. It is what it is. At the end of the day, the only thing I care about is that they step into the Octagon, they’re in shape, they fight, and they represent the sport well as athletes.”

The question is, are a bunch of urine drinking, semen eating, itching powder infested fighters a good representation of the sport?

Maybe not, but it’s a guilty – or dirty – pleasure MMA fans are buying.