by Mick Hammond – MMAWeekly.com
While other fighters in the 145-pound division may be getting all the press and fan adoration, L.C. Davis continues to quietly go about his business and defeat some of the sport’s toughest fighters.

Three wins in a row in the WEC against the likes of Javier Vasquez, Diego Nunes, and most recently at Saturday’s event over Deividas Taurosevicius has Davis on the verge of making one of the best runs in the sport for any fighter at any weight.

“I’m very happy and grateful I got the victory,” the ever-humble Davis told MMAWeekly.com. “I thought it was a tough fight.

“It was a really intense match of two guys that are equally skilled with similar styles, so I’m pleased and happy I came away with the win.”

Even though he’s pleased to have raised his record to an impressive 16-2, Davis isn’t completely happy with his performance against Taurosevicius.

“I was a little disappointed with my stand-up,” he admitted. “I had a hard time judging the distance and I kind of played too much defense.

“I just wished I would have pushed the pace a little bit more, been more aggressive and let my hands go more, so I was a little bit disappointed with that. I was very pleased with my takedown defense and my work in the clinch, but I just wish I could have done a little bit more striking-wise.”

Even with his third win in three fights for the WEC, Davis is uncertain where he fits at this point in the division.

“I think if I would have had a more decisive, dominating victory over Deividas I think that would have definitely put me a lot closer,” he said.

“Coming away with a squeaky close victory I don’t know where it really puts me, but definitely think it moves me a little bit more forward and gets me closer to my goal, which is the belt.”

Despite no indication what’s to come next for him in the WEC, Davis does admit that he won’t let himself get lost in the shuffle.

“I don’t want to take a step backwards,” he stated. “I want to fight the big names; the Mike Browns, Urijah Fabers, and Jose Aldos; the guys who are thought of as the top guys.

“I worked too hard to get to 3-0 and get in this position. I just want to keep moving forward, get closer to that belt.”

While there may be other fighters who have been given bigger pushes for lesser accomplishments, Davis is not one to egotistically draw attention to himself. He would rather his opportunities come to him the way they always have, through hard work and determination.

“I want to thank Jaco Clothing, their cups are awesome and they saved me from a couple groin shots; RevGear, Polanti Watches, Gamma-O, TCB Fight Wear, Affliction, and Future Clothing,” he said in closing.

“I want to tell all my fans to watch out. This is going to be the year. I’m pushing for the belt and make a name for myself and get to the top of the division.”