by Joe Pawlus (Photos by Thomas Michael Rozdzynski)

Watson Retains TFC Lightweight Belt

Photos by Thomas Michael Rozdzynski – ThruMyEye.com

Review by Joe Pawlus 


HAMMOND, Ind. – Lightweight Kyle Watson wrapped up
last Saturday’s Total Fight Challenge with a well-earned victory over his lean
and lanky opponent, DeCarlo Johnson. Johnson, known for his monstrous reach and
impressive striking abilities, looked to keep the fight standing, but opted for
the takedown after the first minute of round one. Watson put his jiu-jitsu to
work and nearly closed the fight with a triangle choke during the last ten
seconds of the first round.


Round two was nearly a carbon copy of the first, but Watson
was able to catch Johnson at 2:42 and tap him out via triangle choke. With this
win, Watson retained ownership of the TFC lightweight belt.


A significant highlight came from the bantamweight division
as Torres Martial Arts fighter Albert Arevala scored his first win by defeating
Demetrius Williams through a split decision. Arevala had Williams in trouble at
the end of the first round with a tight triangle, but Williams edged his way
out of the ring to force a restart. Arevala dominated the second round with a
very active guard and captured the judges’ decision.


The much-anticipated MMA debut of Brazilian Jiu-jitsu
champion Christian
came with little surprise. Uflacker faced off against Kori
Trussell and wasted little time taking Trussell to the mat. Once the two
combatants hit the ground, Uflacker sliced through Trussell’s guard, mounted
him, encouraged Trussell to turn over with a barrage of punches, and sunk the
rear naked choke halfway into the first round.


The heavyweight division produced a no contest ruling due to
unsportsmanlike conduct. At the start of the fight, Joe Fierro extended his
hand to bump knuckles with his opponent, Phil Prianpafillo. Prianpafillo
decided to bump knuckles with Fierro’s face instead – twice. It was an
obvious two-punch cheap shot, momentarily knocking Fierro unconscious, and the
crowd vocalized its disapproval by booing Prianpafillo out of the ring. The
judges were quick to rule the match a no contest.


A portion of the proceeds from Saturday’s event were donated
to the Illinois Freedom Run. The money will be used to help buy fallen soldier
nameplates for the Middle East Conflict Wall Memorial. The fights were also
dedicated to all war veterans, police officers, fireman, and emergency


-Kyle Watson def. DeCarlo
Johnson by Submission (Triangle Choke) at 2:42, R2

-Jeff Gerlick def. Josh
Turner by Submission (Guillotine Choke) at 4:15, R1

-Cleo Walker def. Seth
Rackie by Submission (Rear Naked Choke) at 2:03, R1

-Dan Bolden def. Rob
Morro by Unanimous Decision

-Phil Prianpafillo vs. Joe
Fierro was Ruled a No Contest

Arevala def. Demetrius Williams by Split Decision

-Dan New def. Steve
Styx by Submission (Armbar), R1

Jimenez def. Miguel Gamez by TKO at 0:42, R2

-Kenny Thomas def. Marc
Singlar by TKO at 3:06, R1

-Ryan King def. Dan
Fierro by TKO at 2:06, R1

Uflacker def. Kori Trussell by Submission (Rear Naked Choke) at
2:21, R1

-Pete Silva def. Eric
Perez by TKO at 0:13, R2

-Milan Miltunivic def. Tom
Regep by Submission (Triangle/Armbar) at 1:54, R1