by Damon Martin – MMAWeekly.com
Former Olympian and current professional wrestler Kurt Angle has been a subject of interest for many mixed martial arts promotions of late including the Ultimate Fighting Championship, but it looks as if the Pittsburgh native will likely call the International Fight League home in the near future.

Angle, who currently wrestles in the Total Nonstop Action promotion, has toyed with the idea of transitioning to MMA for the past couple of years. It seems that a deal is in the works that would fit his schedule in terms of balancing fighting with his professional wrestling career.

IFL commissioner Kurt Otto likes the idea of Angle coming into the league. He confirmed to MMAWeekly that contract negotiations are under way.

“I’m psyched. He’s pretty open about it, which is good. We’re in talks. We’re excited about the opportunity.”

While Angle has flirted with a number of organizations, Otto feels confident as to why he may land in the IFL.

“Kurt Angle really wants to come on board. He wants to learn MMA and he wants to come to the IFL specifically because of the team format because he’s used to that.”

“God willing, the IFL and myself can make a deal,” Angle told Alex Marvez of FOXSports.com recently. “The best fit for me right now as a pro wrestler who [works] about 120 times a year is the IFL.”

If Angle does sign with the team oriented league, both sides have committed to giving him the time needed to be sure he is truly prepared for his fighting debut.

No deal has been made official, but it looks like both sides are ready and willing to iron out a workable contract. If Kurt Angle is ready to be an MMA fighter, it only seems a matter of time that it will be with the IFL.