Krzysztof Soszynski Says Boredom Gave Way To The Pranks On TUF 8

The most recent season of the “Ultimate Fighter” saw some of the most elaborate pranks ever played on the show and most of them were courtesy of Team Quest fighter, Krzysztof Soszynski, and his bag of tricks.

The fighter recently told MMAWeekly about the secret where he came up with all the ideas for the pranks on the show.

“I was just bored,” Soszynski said. “It was so boring in that house, it was all about boredom. It was just my way to release the stress and the boredom. Other guys got into the boos, other guys got into the pee drinking, none of that stuff is what I like to do. So it was just a way to release some boredom.”

During the one hour show each week, fans see the random house activity along with training footage and of course the fight, but what people don’t regularly see is all the other time that fighters are left with when the training is done for the day.

“20 hours of downtime for six straight weeks, it was just so boring in there that it was just one of my ways of releasing that,” he said about the pranks. “They just came to me. Some of them were fun, some of them were dumb, some of them were stupid, some of them were childish, but hey I got through it, I got through the 6 weeks and I was happy with it.”

Soszynski said one prank that didn’t end up getting played was actually trapping a fighter in their room, but he says the Spike producers wouldn’t allow them to go that far as the door being locked would have been seen as a fire hazard so they had to put a nix on that idea.