Kron Gracie Sinks Quick Submission in Octagon Debut at UFC on ESPN 1

February 17, 2019

Kron Gracie has been regarded as one of the most exciting Gracie Family fighters to emerge in quite some time. In his Octagon debut at UFC Fight Night on ESPN 1 on Sunday in Phoenix, he showed why that’s the case.

Gracie has a laundry list of grappling accolades that reflects his lineage, which most importantly includes his father, Rickson Gracie, who has trained him since he was a child. Now 30 years of age, Gracie followed in his family’s sizable footsteps to make his mark in the mixed martial arts world.

It didn’t take long. Just over two minutes, in fact.

With just four bouts under his belt previously, Gracie stepped into the Octagon opposite 26-fight veteran Alex Caceres.

Gracie wasted little time, clinching Caceres within the opening minute and a short time later dragging him to the floor, taking his back as he did so. Gracie had his legs wrapped tight around Caceres and worked into a deep rear-naked choke.

Caceres tried to be patient and work his way out, but Gracie’s arms continued to constrict around his neck, leaving Caceres no choice but to tap out before he went to sleep.

“My jiu-jitsu is unique, it comes from my dad. I’ve been training jiu-jitsu for a lifetime, but always with the intention for MMA, it doesn’t give a break for anyone,” Gracie said after the fight. “It’s different than sport jiu-jitsu, which is more based on points; I always go for the submission.”

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Gracie’s 2-minute-6-second victory improved his professional MMA record to 5-0, all five of his wins combing by way of submission. It was a victory befitting the first family of the UFC.

“I’ve been representing my family since I was a little kid, that was always my motivation. The older you get, you don’t need that as motivation anymore, it just becomes part of who you are,” said Gracie.

“It was interesting, everyone reminded me that a Gracie hasn’t won (in the UFC) since Royce and I felt more pressure from that, but I guess it’s time to live up to my name and stay cool under pressure. We got one back for the family, one back for my team, one back for the Diaz team, and that’s it.”

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UFC Phoenix Highlights: Kron Gracie Sinks Quick Submission in Octagon Debut