by Damon Martin – MMAWeekly.com
Kris McCray may not have won the finale for “The Ultimate Fighter Season 11,” but that doesn’t mean he’s lost his desire to be a fighter in the UFC. The winner of the first ever wild card in the reality show’s history is looking to come back just as strong as he did after a loss on the show, and prove he belongs with the best.

Currently taking some down time with family following the fight, McCray said nothing but good things about opponent Court McGee.

The decision is now on McCray’s head about where he goes from here. Coming into “The Ultimate Fighter” finale, he had lost a lot of weight and was in the best shape of his career, and that ultimately may force another change.

“I got to Vegas at 183 (pounds) without really dieting, just going to practice everyday, and that mentality. I know I can make 170. I never had a problem at 85 at all. I always coasted into 85, and I definitely think it’s possible,” McCray told MMAWeekly Radio about his possible move to welterweight.

“I’m strong enough to do both weight classes, but at 70 you always want to go as low as you can comfortably, so that may look like a good home. I’m willing to try it out and spread my wings at welterweight.”

At this point in his career, McCray knows it’s all about smart choices. Like many “Ultimate Fighter” competitors before him, dropping down to a different division is something that could give him more longevity.

A number of fighters in the history of the show have dropped weight classes, including many of the winners from the first three seasons of the show like Diego Sanchez, Joe Stevenson, Rashad Evans, and Michael Bisping.

McCray knows that welterweight is an option at this point because his body has already shown it can make the cut, now it’s just a matter of making the call.

“It definitely puts some more options on the table. I can do 70. I can do 85. I feel comfortable at both. I just want to get in there and really get my first win in the UFC,” McCray commented. “It’s going to be tough, but 70 definitely sounds like a good possibility.”

While there’s been no fight offered to McCray just yet, he’s already heard of a show he’s hoping to be a part of.

“I heard the UFC’s going to Germany in November. I’d definitely love to get on that card, since I’m from Germany, and I speak German. So that would be a really fun trip for me,” said McCray. “I’m anxious and I’m still just as hungry. I want to go showcase my skills.”