Kris McCray Final Fight Blog for UFC Fight Night 24

March 25, 2011

Kris McCray

Former “Ultimate Fighter” finalist Kris McCray will be doing a weekly blog for leading up to his fight against John Hathaway at UFC Fight Night 24. Here is the final edition.

Last week of training!

It feels good to peak at the right moment in preparing for a fight. Every practice and workout the last week I visualized and brake down my fight with Jon Hathaway.

My cousin told me once it all began in a place, a place chosen for a winner! It started as an idea, a so called gleam in the eye. A time did what time does and soon the day came, this day was special.

For this is a day a champion would rise from the shadows, and prove what he has always known, you know. I really love the weight cut and the constant day dreaming of my fight. This is the easy part and thanks to all who believed in me and my heart and ability.

Thanks to those who gave a tuff young fighter a chance to practice a dream. I feel blessed in the last week of my training the last week is almost all mental training. Mentally I am strong and I will rise above and run threw the wall that stands before me. Special thanks to my father.

He would never take no for an answer. My father loved to hear doubt or people say he couldn’t do something it’s my favorite form of motivation.

My fight will be broadcast live on Facebook to all my McCrazies out there wish me luck

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