Kris McCray Fight Blog for UFC Fight Night 24 Seattle

Former “Ultimate Fighter” finalist Kris McCray will be doing a weekly blog for leading up to his fight against John Hathaway at UFC Fight Night 24. Here is the first edition.

Kris McCray
I love what I do. I love that it’s not for everyone and everyone is not for the sport of MMA.

I always told myself that I was built for the sport or it was built for me. Training has been going very well. I am really in the midst of the hard work within the last month of training before the fight. Right now my focus is on overall body conditioning and as much sparring and live grappling as I can get with injury prevention and overtraining under consideration.

Right now I have been sparring approximately 3 times a week, and doing live grappling with sparring. Each day for 6 days a week with two 2-hour practices a day sometimes with gym a workout at the end of the day with Sundays off.

I try to tailor my training camps around my opponent, and since I am fighting John Hathaway there is specific drilling that I focus on to prepare. John is a taller fighter, sets a very good pace and has good takedown defense, so my training tailors around getting around his reach and dealing with his pressure.

Each of my six days of training bring me face to face with the likes of Renzo Gracie, Ricardo Almeida, Frankie Edgar, Nick Catone, strength and conditioning with Blu and many more.

As much as I enjoy the weeks training, Sunday is a very important day to relax reflect and give thanks to those around me who continue to help and assist me in becoming a better fighter a better brother a better son a better husband and a better man.

Pray for the family of Robert Conner a great fighter who light was extinguished a bit early. It’s all part of Gods plan. Keep the faith.

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