– MMAWeekly Radio – Transcribed by Jeff Cain
We’ve seen crazy behind the scenes incidents in MMA. Tito Ortiz vs Lee Murray at a London nightclub, Nick Diaz vs Joe Riggs at a hospital, and now Krazy Horse vs Chute Box backstage?

If you read the Underground Forum you read about an incident that took place between Charles ‘Krazy Horse’ Bennett and the Chute Box team backstage where apparently Bennett was choked unconsious. When he came to, Bennett supposedly KO’d Wanderlei Silva. Was it legit or urban legend?

Bennett spoke with MMAWeekly Radio about the backstage altercation between him and several Chute Boxe members at Pride- ShockWave 2005 on New Year’s Eve. To hear the interview in its entirety, click on the radio archive.

MMAWeekly: ‘Krazy Horse,’ what’s up with you? How are you doing?

Charles Bennett: Pretty good, just getting ready to head to the airport.

MMAWeekly: Talk about who you’re fighting this weekend.

Bennett: Um, some guy named ‘The Frog.’ I don’t know what that means.

MMAWeekly: Does that intimidate you since you’re ‘The Krazy Horse’ and you’re fighting ‘The Frog?’

Bennett: Nah. Horses are bigger than frogs. Just stomp on them.

MMAWeekly: ‘Krazy Horse,’ do you even watch any tape on the guys you fight, or do you just show up and fight?

Bennett: I just show up and fight.

MMAWeekly: How come you don’t watch any tape on your opponents?

Bennett: Because I don’t need to. Whatever they’re going to try to do, I”m going to have a blockage for it anways. There’s no reason to watch tape. They’re weak. Everybody is weak when it comes to fighting me.

MMAWeekly: When are we going to see you in Pride again?

Bennett: I’m supposed to go back to Japan in April.

MMAWeekly: Who are you going to fight in April? Do you know yet?

Bennett: I don’t know. Hopefully one of Wanderlei Silva’s fighters.

MMAWeekly: Let’s talk about that. You bring that up. There was an interesting post on a lot of the forums saying you got into a battle with the Chute Boxe guys. What happened with that?

Bennett: Nothing much. They just jumped me. A bunch of little bitches.

MMAWeekly: When did this happen? Was it at the show?

Bennett: This was at the last (show), this was at the New Year’s show.

MMAWeekly: So what went down?

Bennett: Um. They were pretty disappointed that their training techniques didn’t work for the guy that I was fighting. You know? I made him look like shit when I beat him up. He tried some of that Chute Boxe shit, but it’s bullshit. All that shit is bullshit.

MMAWeekly: So you go backstage, and what happens backstage?

Bennett: I got called out in the ring after I beat the dude. One of the dudes that was training with him gets into the ring and he was like, me and you are next. You know me. I don’t look for any trouble. I was more like, Okay, whatever you say, but right now I won my fight. I’m going to have a good time. Then I go to the back in the locker room, and that’s where the whole Chute Boxe team was at. Then, you know, this and that happened. I won’t go into further details, but if you read the post you already know.

MMAWeekly: This is what I read. Somebody from Chute Boxe choked you out. Somebody was kicking you down and then, rumor has it, you got up and you knocked out Wanderlei Silva.

Bennett: Um. Some rumors are not always rumors, though.

MMAWeekly: What does that mean?

Bennett: You can take that any way you want, but if a little man my size can pack that much punch, just imagine what I can do to a guy that I’m going to fight my size.

MMAWeekly: All right. The post says you knocked out Wanderlei Silva. That’s what it says.

Bennett: Did it?

MMAWeekly: That’s what it said.

Bennett: That man there, Wanderlei Silva, he’s pretty bad. I think I should be crowned the champion. You know what I mean?

MMAWeekly: That’s craziness dude, you throwing down with Wanderlei. Are you crazy?

Bennett: Yea, but the f#%ked up thing about it, I didn’t get paid for it.

MMAWeekly: So you want to fight one of the Chute Boxe guys in Pride soon?

Bennett: Actually, I want to fight all of the Chute Boxe guys.

MMAWeekly: Who do you want to fight?

Bennett: The guy, I don’t know his name. He’s about 155 pounds.

MMAWeekly: Azeredo?

Bennett: I think that’s him.

MMAWeekly: So you’d like to take a shot at him?

Bennett: Yea.

MMAWeekly: How would that go? Would it just be a stand up war between you two?

Bennett: No, because he didn’t want to stand up with me in the locker room.

MMAWeekly: Dude, did you take on the entire team or what?

Bennett: I took on the whole Chute Boxe team. It was six against one . . . I’m not worried about anyone you know. If I took on the whole Chute Boxe team, f@%k, what are you going to bring?

MMAWeekly: You’re crazy if you’re throwing down with the whole Chute Boxe. Who does that? Nobody does.

Bennett: Nope. I didn’t even have no corner help.

MMAWeekly: You were just solo? You were just throwing down?

Bennett: Yea. That’s it. After whatever happened with Wanderlei, I tried to get the hell up out of there, though, because I knew then I had him f@%ked up. I was like, damn. What have I done?

MMAWeekly: How did this end? How did you get out of there? I mean if you’re battling six guys, how did you get out? How did it end?

Bennett: Somebody snatched me out. They were like, you’re going to get yourself killed. Get out of here with all of us so we can protect you. I was like, all right. Hurry up and get me out of here.

MMAWeekly: You got the green light and ran with somebody else?

Bennett: Yea. That’s basically it. I dropped in a herd.

MMAWeekly: Let me ask you. Would you ever go up in weight and fight a guy like Shogun or Wanderlei?

Bennett: Sure would.

MMAWeekly: You’d do it in a heartbeat?

Bennett: Yep. I would want to fight Wanderlei first because I know he’d stand with me like a dumbass and get knocked out again.

MMAWeekly: You’d knockout Wanderlei again?

Bennett: Yea. Nah. I won’t knock him out, but somebody . . . I know with the weight I’ll knock him out.

MMAWeekly: You said it again ‘Krazy Horse.’ I just caught you man.

Bennett: Nah. That wasn’t me. That was Charles.

MMAWeekly: That was Charles. All right. ‘Krazy Horse,’ we wish you the best. Jeff Curran’s a tough guy, man. You better be ready. He’s a tough, tough dude.

Bennett: I heard.

MMAWeekly: He’s a good fighter.

Bennett: I’ve got something for him. I’m going to stick my fingers in his butt and see how tough he is then.

MMAWeekly: You’re simply crazy. Good talking to you and good luck in your fight. Okay?

Bennett: Thanks.