September 22, 2005

by Damon Martin
He may be an alternate, but don’t tell Charles “Krazy Horse” Bennett that, cause he’s ready to walk out champion. A day before he left for Japan, the very outspoken and always exciting fighter sat down with MMAWeekly to talk about the Pride Lightweight Grand Prix and why he wants a shot at Jens Pulver if he gets past Mishima in his first fight.

MMAWeekly: So you’re getting ready to leave for Japan, tell us a little bit about what you think about this tournament and your opponent, Mishima?

Krazy Horse: From my standpoint my opponent and his little peanut head, he’s not going to want to stand with me and it’s not going to go down like that. It’s going to be a painful fight for him. I tried to find a Snoopy doll so I could really intimidate him, but I couldn’t find one. I’m going to find a Chucky doll…if I can’t find a Snoopy doll, I’ll find a Chucky, put a ski mask on him. It’s going to be good. I seen him fight a couple times, he had problems with Yves Edwards. He didn’t want to stand with Yves, so he’s not going to want to stand with me.

MMAWeekly: Have you been working on your ground game if he does get you down?

Krazy Horse: No, I don’t train, I just play a little basketball, do a little running. That’s my training. For this fight here, I’m going to tell him I’ve been training in Brazil, so you know what I’m saying, he won’t try to take me down. He’ll be like ‘motherfucker’s been training in Brazil? Well shit! Now I gotta think twice before I get on the ground.’ Everybody just wants me to be a knockout king. I can go the ground, I just don’t like the ground. I don’t like to be that close up on a man. If I can keep it standing, I’d rather keep it standing.

MMAWeekly: You’ve fought one of the favorites going into this tournament in Takanori Gomi. What do you think about him and his chances? Would you like a rematch with him?

Krazy Horse: Yeah, cause I can beat Gomi. Just like I can beat the guy they got me against now. I was beating Gomi’s ass, then he got me to the ground, I just played with him on the ground. I think my ground game is better than any wrestlers. That’s how I feel. Gomi is overrated anyway.

MMAWeekly: Overrated? Gomi?

Krazy Horse: Yeah he’s overrated. He couldn’t even tap me out. The referee saved him in that fight.

MMAWeekly: You’re in the tournament as an alternate, and if you don’t get to make it to the actual tournament, are you rooting for anyone else?

Krazy Horse: I’m rooting for Yves Edwards. I think he’ll beat Joachim Hansen. I’ll tell you what though, I got a problem with Jens Pulver. If I get anyone I want Gomi and Jens Pulver. I think Jens should have knocked Gomi out, instead Gomi knocked Jens out. That’s my problem with Jens. If the money’s right, I wouldn’t mind getting a shot at Jens. If I can get into the tournament that means better money.

MMAWeekly: You’ve spent a lot of your time fighting in promotions like King of the Cage here in America and now you’re fighting in Japan. Where do you prefer to fight?

Krazy Horse: In Japan. I feel like the food they eat in Japan ain’t nothing like what we eat in America. Physically they’re weaker, mentally they’re pretty smart, I give them that. When it comes to a physical sport they need to step back. Keep your eyes in the books!

MMAWeekly: Spending a big part of your career in some of the smaller promotions in the U.S., what do you think about the way they’re putting on bigger and better shows now?

Krazy Horse: I think that’s good. I think it’s good because when you come from a broken home, you don’t know nothing else but fighting, and that gives you the option to go to several different organizations.

MMAWeekly: Do you feel a little more stardom when you go over to Japan? Do more people recognize you?

Krazy Horse: Yeah, I feel real comfortable over there. It’s like I leave all my stress over here and shit. I take what I want to take over there. When I go over there, I’m the man, and I’m getting paid. I’m getting a nice paycheck to be the man. I’m getting paid to kick butt. Over here I’m kicking butt, and it’s like ‘where’s the money?’. That’s the way I look at that.

MMAWeekly: How do you think this fight with Mishima will go?

Krazy Horse: I think it will go good. I saw his fight with Gracie and I seen his fight with Edwards. I seen another dude he took to a decision. I mean people talk and when people talk you can take heed to the rumors, or you can not. 9 times out of 10, the guys I fight listen to the rumors and they scared. And that allows me to have a little bit more of an edge. I’m going to knock this guy out.