by Ken Pishna and Jeff Cain (Photo courtesy of April Pishna)
This past weekend’s King of the Cage “Mangler” show in California was supposed to feature Bobby “Bad Seed” Hoffman squaring off with last-minute replacement Wes “The Project” Sims in the main event. While the rest of the show went off without a hitch, Hoffman was nowhere to be found come fight time.

Understandably, Wes Sims was a little bit upset. Two of Sims’ past three scheduled opponents have pulled out of their fights, first Mark Kerr at the ACF show, and now Hoffman in KOTC.

As usual, Sims is not one to mince words, and he came to some conclusions of his own. Sims said, “I don’t know what happened. There were some unconfirmed reports that he came in and saw that they were doing urine tests and bailed. He didn’t even see me. He just saw the urine test and just bailed out of there.”

Actually, it wasn’t the sighting of drug testing that drove Hoffman away because he never even bothered to show up for the fight.

According to King of the Cage promoter Ted Williams, “[Bobby Hoffman] contacted us for travel arrangements the day before the show, which were secured by us, but he still never made it to the show. He didn’t call and didn’t show.”

This is just the latest dip in the roller-coaster ride that has been Bobby Hoffman’s career. He has risen to the heights of winning the King of the Cage Heavyweight Title and has fallen into the throes of various legal troubles, including having to serve a prison sentence for spousal abuse.

It seems that King of the Cage will be stepping off of that roller coaster, finally severing ties with their former champion. Said Williams, “We’re done with Hoffman. We are now severing ties with the Bad Seed.”

After such an up and down career, and quickly approaching his 40th birthday, Hoffman has to be running out of opportunities in the fight game. King of the Cage was one of the few promotions that was still willing to give him a chance, and now that he has closed that door, it remains to be seen if Hoffman just slammed the door shut on his MMA career as well.