Koscheck Will Address Video Game Contract After Yoshida Fight

Reports surfaced last week that UFC welterweight, Josh Koscheck, has still not signed the video game contract that caused his teammate, Jon Fitch, a speedy exit and re-entrance into the UFC just a couple of weeks back.

The contract was for the UFC to have lifetime rights for the fighters to appear in future video games made for the promotion.

The rumors were stating that Koscheck had not signed the agreement and had no intention of doing so, and he may very well exit the UFC after his fight against Yoshiyuki Yoshida on Dec 10.

MMAWeekly.com has confirmed with sources close to Koscheck that the rumors about his UFC exit are absolutely false.

According the representatives close to the fighter, he has simply chosen to wait until after his fight to address any and all situations regarding contracts because he did not want a distraction while he was in the final weeks of his training camp getting ready for the fight.

Koscheck has promised to deal with the situation when his fight is finished, but he simply did not want the distraction that would take away his focus from the upcoming fight.

UFC owner, Lorenzo Fertitta, met with representatives from Zinkin Entertainment, who work on behalf of both Jon Fitch and Josh Koscheck, to resolve the situation with Fitch and sources have indicated that the conversation also included many other fighters on the company’s roster regarding the video game contract.

Koscheck trains at the American Kickboxing Academy alongside Fitch and other UFC fighters such as Cain Velasquez and Christian Wellisch. All of the other fighters involved in the dispute are still with the UFC and past grievances have been settled.

All indications are pointing towards Koscheck still sticking with the UFC long after his fight on Wednesday night agianst Yoshiyuki Yoshida.