by Damon Martin
Becoming A True Mixed Martial Artist

Josh Koscheck shows the world what he’s learned since the “Ultimate Fighter”

By Damon Martin, MMAWeekly.com

Being a NCAA champion wrestler may have previously been the highlight of Josh Koscheck’s life, but getting a win in the first ever full event for the UFC on free television has to rank right up there. On Saturday night in front of a packed house inside the Cox Pavillion, Josh Koscheck stepped into a fight that a great many people thought was a very bad match-up for the former wrestler from Edinboro University.

Pete “The Secret Weapon” Spratt is a very highly regarded striker who is slick on his feet, and the general opinion was that his hands would probably end up being more than Koscheck could handle. To the contrary, Spratt looked like the more tentative fighter when the two came to the center of the octagon. Instead of keeping Koscheck at bay with a straight jab, he seemed to respect the fact that he was fighting a master of takedowns, and backed up almost instantly against the cage.

Koscheck shot in on the UFC veteran and took him to the ground. Within a few seconds of working from within Spratt’s guard, Koscheck was able to move around and take the back of the more experienced fighter. Spratt managed to stand up but Koscheck already had his hooks in and although no one would confuse him with a Brazillian Jiu-Jitsu expert, Koscheck took advantage of the position and locked in rear naked choke. Spratt battled valiantly trying to withstand falling back to the ground, but eventually gravity took over and with the choke sunk in even deeper, he had no choice but to tap out and live to fight another day.

With his win, Koscheck was able to show a few things that we may not have known before…

First off, Koscheck was able to stave off the pride that sinks a great many fighters when they try to prove themselves in a fight against an opponent with a contrasting style. He knew that his striking wasn’t on par with Spratt, so instead of baiting him and trying to stand-up with him, Koscheck pushed forward and immediately shot in for the takedown and pushed Spratt against the cage.

Next, Koscheck showed that he has been learning a lot since season 1 of the “Ultimate Fighter” ended. He started to prove he had more in his game than just takedowns in his official debut versus Chris Sanford in the finale in April. But in his fight with Spratt he got the dominant position and even though no one would confuse Koscheck with a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu expert, he did submit a very tough competitor.

Lastly, in his post fight interview with Joe Rogan, Koscheck dispelled so many rumors and ideas brought upon him from his portrayal as an arrogant kid on the “Ultimate Fighter” by being nothing but humble and respectful with his comments. He showed this side recently in his interview with Ryan Bennett on MMAWeekly radio, and again showed that he is still learning this game and acknowledged those who got him where he’s at now.

Koscheck is joining an already stacked 170lb weight class, but with heart and determination, he could be a major player in the welterweight division in the coming years.