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Houston, Texas served up a stunning night of upsets as the Ultimate Fighting Championship debuted in a chill rain in the Lone Start State last night. Although not anywhere near as surprising as Matt Serra’s crushing defeat of Georges St. Pierre, American Kickboxing Academy fighter Josh Koscheck proved his mettle by putting an end to his version of a recurring nightmare.


While both Koscheck and opponent Diego Sanchez are primarily known for their prowess in the grappling arts, they chose to challenge each others striking skills for the majority of their three-rounder. Koscheck controlled the range and the pace for the duration of the fight, scoring a one-sided unanimous decision over the #4-ranked Sanchez.


There was plenty of animosity between the two leading up to this bout and it appears that animosity isn’t going away anytime soon.


In this one-on-one video interview, MMAWeekly takes you In The Cage with Josh Koscheck following his victory over Diego Sanchez at UFC 69. He talks about the friction leading up to the fight, his continuing discontent with Sanchez, how he felt the fight went, his future prospects, and more.


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