King Of The Cage Infusion Results: Gaston Wins In Main Event

King of the Cage

The Eastside Cannery Casino hosted King of the Cage: Infusion Saturday evening. The card was stacked with local favorites that delivered an entertaining and action-packed event; of the eight fights, six did not escape the first round.

Opening the show was Anthony Guerra vs Ian Omalza. Omalza trains out of the Las Vegas gym Robert Drysdale BJJ / Fasi, while Guerra made the four-hour drive from southern California. After opening with a quick exchange, Guerra landed a takedown. Guerra quickly took Omalza’s back; however, Omalza was able to slip out and gain side control on Guerra. From side control Omalza slipped to Guerra’s back and sank in a Rear Naked Choke that had Guerra tapping as soon as it was locked.

Ian Omalza def. Anthony Guerra via Submission (RNC) R1, 1:55

For the second fight of the evening, Xtreme Couture fighter Jimmy Jones took on Scott Brommage. The fight was over as quickly as it started. Both men came out swinging and Jones was able knock Brommage out just 11 seconds into the fight.

Jimmy Jones def. Scott Brommage via KO R1, 0:11

Two female fighters took to the for the evening’s third fight. Casey Noland, representing The Pit out of San Louis Obispo, CA, took on Lake Havasu native, Amy Riehle. Noland came out incredibly aggressive, quickly driving Riehle to the fence. After being tied up in a clinch for a few seconds, Noland threw her opponent to the ground. Once on the ground, Noland had complete control, moving into the mount position and working vicious ground and pound. During the ground and pound assault Riehle was cut under her left eye. The barrage continued for another half minute, after which the referee stopped the fight.

Casey Noland def. Amy Riehle via TKO (Referee stoppage) R1, 2:34

Riverside Submission’s, Todd Willingham, faced local Las Vegas fighter and former Marine, John Hahn. The two had a brief exchange early, but Willingham landed a straight right that dropped Hahn instantly. Referee Kim Winslow stepped in and stopped the fight before Hahn took any additional punches.

Todd Willingham def. John Hahn via KO R1

Anthony Njokuani’s older brother, Chidi Njokuani, faced Winnemuca, NV native Jack Montgomery in the final undercard fight. Njokuani quickly rushed in and clinched Montgomery; Montgomery was able to sweep for a takedown. After quickly resuming a standing position and clinching again, Montgomery was again able to sweep and take the fight to the ground. Njokuani moved to take Montgomery’s back, able to escape, Montgomery stands. Facing each other, Njokuani jumps onto Montgomery and sinks in a standing guillotine. Montgomery does not tap, instead his body drops to the ground and the referee is able to call the fight due to submission.

Chidi Njokuani def. Jack Montgomery via Submission (standing guillotine) R1

Throwdown fighter, David Hulett rematched Danny Davis. The pair fought on the Vegas promotion, MMA Xplosion’s May card. The fight went the distance; Davis won via unanimous decision. The rematch, however, was not in Davis’ favor. After the opening bell, Hulett and Davis both landed a few punches, Hulett was able to land a punch that dropped Davis. Quickly capitalizing, Hulett pounced on Davis and continued to work ground and pound from half guard. Mid-way through the round, Hulett was able to sink in a guillotine that forced Davis to tap.

David Hulett def. Danny Davis via Submission (guillotine) R1

The co-main event saw heavy weights, Anthony “Tony” Johnson Jr vs Boban Simic. Simic’s promotion video showed him saying, “I want to get rich and famous from MMA so they can freeze me. So, they can freeze me and bring me back I’ll be so awesome.” With hype like that a more exciting fight was expected. Johnson, fighting out of Miami, FL, was able to take Simic down at will and did so the entire fight. This was the only fight that went the distance on the eight-figh card. While casual fans often complain of heavyweight fights being boring, Johnson and Simic only supported such claims.

In all three rounds, Johnson would take Simic down, Simic would attempt a guillotine and Johnson would let Simic up, only to take him down again and continue the cycle for the duration of the fight.

Anthony “Tony” Johnson Jr. def. Boban Simic via Unanimous Decision

Throwdown fighter and Portland, OR native, Josh Watson faced Nick “Afrozilla” Gaston in the main event. Known for his striking, Gaston opened the fight with both a head kick and front kick. Watson attempted a takedown but was unsuccessful. The pair got into a clinch against the fence where Watson’s was back to the fence. Watson was able to circle out and get back to the center of the cage. Gaston with a takedown, though Watson was quick to get back to his feet, only to be taken down again. Gaston gained side control, Watson was able escape the side control but Gaston moved to his back. “Afrozilla” working from the back slipped in a rear naked attempt but was thwarted by the bell and Watson’s defense.

Round two opened with Watson swinging, obviously revived by the minute break and encouraging words from his corner. Watson aggresses forward, putting Gaston against the fence. Gaston is able to sweep and get Watson to the ground where the duo shuffle for control. Gaston takes Watson’s back and again slips in a rear naked attempt; Watson is forced to tap.

Nick Gaston def. Josh Watson via Submission (Rear Naked Choke) R2, 3:13

Ian Omalza def. Anthony Guerra via Submission (RNC) R1, 1:55
Jimmy Jones def. Scott Brommage via Ko R1, 0:11
Casey Noland def. Amy Riehle via TKO (referee stoppage) R1, 2:34
Todd Willingham def. John Hahn via KO R1, 0:32
Chidi Njokuani def. Jack Montgomery via Submission (Standing Guillotine) R1
David Hulett def. Danny Davis via Submission (Guillotine) R1
Anthony “Tony” Johnson Jr def. Boban Simic via Unanimous Decision
Nick Gaston def. Josh Watson via Submission (Rear Nake Choke) R2, 3:13

Samantha L. Johnson is a freelance writer originally from South-East Idaho; currently living in Las Vegas, NV. Visit her website for her ramblings of living in the MMA Mecca.