Press Release (Courtesy of King of the Cage)
175lbs., Travis Haven – 1st round at :40 by Rear Naked Choke over Eric Hakala

155lbs., George Karakhanyan vs Huerta Juan Carlos – draw

145lbs., Gunnar Hinson – 2nd round at 4:24 over Chris Cully by combo heel hook/knee bar

145lbs., Nick Avarado over Matt Wilburn by unanimous decision

140lbs., Andy Jewett over Kasey Roberts by TKO/strikes at 3:21 in the 1st round

205lbs., Melvin Costa over Robert Doucet by TKO/strikes at 2:01 in the 1st round; however, the ref paused the action for quite some time

170lbs., Tim Humphrey over PJ Rogowoski by TKO/strikes at 1:47 in the 1st round

HVY, Anthony Mendez over Duane Harrison by TKO/strikes at 1:02 in the 1st round

185lbs., Sean Loeffler over Rubin Tagle by tapout at :22 in the 1st round

Crystal Harris over Tricia Poovey. Poovey did not come out for the 2nd round due to eye injury. Harris is new women’s champ.

185lbs., Dave Cryer over Uber Gallegos by Rear Naked Choke at 1:14 in the 2nd round.

145lbs., Cody Bollinger over Chad Walters by Rear Naked Choke at 3:10 in the 2nd round.

170lbs., Thomas Denny over Dan Shay by KO on the ground at 1:12 in the 1st round

170lbs., Thomas Kenney over Jay Daimon by kimaura/armbar at :59 in the 1st round

155lbs., Kyle Mclaughlin over Daniel Gibbons by unanimous decision

205lbs., Angelo Mcleroy over Aiki Cavanaugh by KO at 3:33 of the 2nd round

HVY, Jon Brock over Jimmy Collins by tapout at 4:16 in the 1st round

155, Victor Rodarte over Shane Houser by TKO/strikes at :47 in the 1st round