King of the Cage Champion David Gomez Has His Belt Back and His Eyes Open

April 21, 2013

David Gomez - King of the CageReclaiming a championship is never easy, and newly crowned King of the Cage welterweight titleholder David Gomez found that out firsthand on April 11 when he defeated Joshua Alves for the title via split decision.

“The fight was tough because the kid was really, really good,” said Gomez of Alves. “The first two rounds I’d give to him because I was really cautious, I knew the kid hit hard and with what had happened in my last fight (against Sam Liera) I was very wary about the punching power that the kid had.

“Once the third round came, I started dominating and definitely in the fourth and fifth I am for sure I dominated those rounds.”

If five rounds wasn’t enough time to get to know each other, Gomez and Alves are already lined up for a rematch later this year.

“We do have a rematch coming up Aug. 29,” Gomez told “We know each other and I know his weaknesses, so it’s going to be a very interesting fight.

“I’ve been fighting a long time, so I’ve learned to adjust in every fight, and these five rounds really taught me about the kid. It’s going to be a very, very different fight and I don’t think it will go past the first two rounds.”

While he doesn’t want to look past Alves, the man who initially beat him for his title last December, Sam Liera is never far from Gomez’s mind.

“I think after this next fight we are looking to fight Sam again if I get past Josh,” said Gomez. “That’s one of the fights I’ve been pushing for.

“I’m really happy I fought him. He opened my eyes and made me hungry again.”

With his immediate future lined up, Gomez wants to retain his title and finish out the year strong and hopefully set himself up to take the next step in his career sometime thereafter.

“I want to fight the best out there – I don’t really care who it is – I just want to fight whoever they put in front of me and give it my best,” he said.

“I’m trying to finish this year strong and go undefeated. After this I’m looking to hopefully go to the bigger stages. Hopefully one of those bigger organizations finds me and gives me a shot.”