King of the Cage Champ Joshua Aveles: ‘A Lot of People Underestimate Me’

Joshua AvelesAfter regaining his King of the Cage welterweight title earlier this year, Joshua Aveles has set out to prove himself one of the best 170-pound fighters around.

Most recently Aveles took a step towards proving himself with a complete performance over Joe Condon at KOTC: Slugfest in early June.

In a fight that found him using his complete game, Aveles defeated Condon via unanimous decision and picked up his second win in a row in 2014.

“I did everything I needed to do in my stand-up, and when (Condon) took me down a couple of times and I was on my back I wasn’t worried,” said Aveles. “I pretty much dominated the fight on the feet and I know my ground game is becoming just as good as my stand-up, so when I was taken down, I wasn’t in any danger.”

While Aveles was able to show that he’s becoming a complete fighter over the course of five rounds, he admits, winning via decision doesn’t always pay off.

“It has its pros and cons,” said Aveles. “As far as the pros, you get the experience and know you’ve got the conditioning and the guts to go a full 25 minutes. But as far as cons, you get people saying you can’t finish a fight or you weren’t there or the same fighter (you were in fights where you finish your opponent).”

Aveles knows he’s not a prototypical champion with a 16-10 record, but over the last two years, he’s 14-3, and hopes people look at who he is now as a fighter as opposed to who he was when he started out.

“I know a lot of people don’t take me as serious because they look at my record and they look at my body type and don’t think I’m dangerous,” he said. “I know a lot of people underestimate me like that, but my performances (over the last couple years) speak for themselves.

“I’m not a cocky guy. I don’t go around badmouthing people. But when people badmouth me, we get in the cage and they lock that door and it’s just me and them and I put my hands on them and put them to sleep.”

Looking ahead, Aveles told that he’s lined up for his next title defense and after that he hopes to continue to prove himself as one of the top welterweights around.

“I think I have a fight lined up in August, but I’m not sure the opponent,” he said. “To be honest, I totally do not care (who my opponent is). I get paid to do this and I know I’ll be ready to fight when the time comes.”

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