King Mo Says Rampage Is More B-Team Than A-Team These Days

King Mo Lawal at StrikeforceMuhammed ‘King Mo’ Lawal may be one of the most dangerous combinations in all of MMA. Devastating skills in the cage and on the microphone.

No one will ever accuse King Mo of holding his tongue when any subject is brought up, including future opponents.

With his TKO win over previously undefeated Lorenz Larkin on Saturday, Lawal moves into position to challenge once again for the Strikeforce light heavyweight title.

One thing is for sure however…he has no desire to face the fighter he beat for the belt the last time in a rematch.

“Don’t say (Gegard) Mousasi’s name or I’m going to fall asleep,” Lawal said. “He’s the most boring person in MMA. If they want me to beat Mousasi, or ‘Kermit’, up, I’ll do it.”

Lawal dominated Mousasi for five rounds to win the Strikeforce light heavyweight title in April 2010, but it’s unknown if they’ll ever get back together for a rematch.

Another name that came up after his win was old foe Quinton ‘Rampage’ Jackson. Lawal and Jackson have been engaged in a war of words for quite some time now, and the back and forth heated up again during fight week between the two fighters on Twitter.

Needless to say, Lawal is not a Rampage fan, in or out of the cage.

“It’s like this, if he wants to come to Strikeforce and get beat, he can,” Lawal said about Rampage. “He needs to stick to acting and doing movies, cause to me in my mind and in my eyes, he ain’t got it no more. He can hit me up on Twitter and talk trash, try to get me off my game, but we all know the truth.

“He’s a actor, a subpar actor. He should be on the B-team not the A-Team.”

Check out what else King Mo had to say after his win in Strikeforce: