by Scott Petersen – MMAWeekly TV
MMAWeekly TV caught up with Kimo Leopoldo in Southern California to talk about his July 22nd fight against Bas Rutten in the WFA promotion.

Kimo has fought in all of the major MMA promotions, and he had this to say about the WFA: “They’re offering a good deal to take care of the fighters. They’re promoting it very well.”

When asked about his opponent, Bas Rutten, Kimo said, “I thought that Bas was cool… I met the guy in Japan…” Kimo added that “little things said here and there” caused some tension between the two of them.

Kimo added, “I’m never friendly, overly friendly, to someone who’s a potential opponent… I never hang out with heavyweights, or I don’t go to the dojo and spar with, or play around with a potential opponent. I basically rolled the red carpet out to him as far as my kindness. I think he might have taken my kindness for weakness… if he thinks that’s who’s going to be in the cage next Saturday, I tell you what… when I get in the cage, it’s like flipping on a light switch. This is not who’s in there. You know, the big problem walks into that ring.”

Regarding the signing of the fight, Kimo said, “Some of the rumors I heard [were that] he almost didn’t sign that contract. So, he finally came up with the courage to go ahead and sign it…” Rutten detailed in a recent video interview with MMAWeekly exactly how Kimo got under his skin at a time when Rutten was just going to be the color commentator for the WFA and wasn’t going to be fighting anyone.

Kimo spent two months in Brazil training for this match, and he feels ready to win. “I’m prepared for whatever direction this fight is gonna take, but I’m gonna dictate the movements, the momentum, the rhythm of this fight,” Kimo said.