Kim, Volkmann and Nunes Win on UFC 141 Facebook Prelims

December 30, 2011

Kim vs Pearson UFC 141
Dong Hyun Kim showed off a new kick, Jacob Volkmann put on a Jacob Volkmann performance, and Diego Nunes got back on track during the UFC 141 prelims on Facebook.

Sean Pierson vs. Dong Hyun Kim

Either Dong Hyun Kim has been watching the 1984 classic ‘The Karate Kid’ or Sensei Steven Seagal traveled to South Korea, because he was looking early and often for the jumping front kick during his fight with Sean Pierson at UFC 141.

Kim, who was knocked out hard by current welterweight title contender Carlos Condit earlier this year, came out trying to prove a statement with his striking against Canadian Sean Pierson.

Using his reach and quick footwork, Kim kept Pierson guessing at every turn and he just couldn’t time his punches to do much of anything to the Korean.

In the second round, Kim unloaded a jumping front kick, similar to what Anderson Silva did to Vitor Belfort and Lyoto Machida did to Randy Couture, and clipped Pierson right on the side of his head. Pierson was wobbled and looked to scurry away, and Kim came after him looking for the finish.

Luck was on Pierson’s side however because the time in the round ran out before Kim could get to many more shots in, and he made it to the full 15 minute time limit, but without much offense to show for it.

Kim showed off some new moves as he now ups his record to 6-1-1 in the Octagon, while Sean Pierson might have to look for work elsewhere after dropping his last two fights in a row.

Efrain Escudero vs. Jacob Volkmann

Jacob Volkmann’s style may not get a lot of fans on their feet, but it works and he employed it once again to beat Efrain Escudero on Saturday night.

Suffocating may be the best way to describe his approach to fighting and Volkmann didn’t disappoint in his bout at UFC 141. Time after time when Escudero foolishly went for guillotine chokes, Volkmann took the former ‘Ultimate Fighter’ winner down and controlled him on the mat.

In the second stanza, Volkmann took Escudero’s back and came close on several occasions to locking up a rear naked choke, but he couldn’t quite put it away.

After a questionable stand-up in the final round, Escudero showed new signs of life after grabbing for yet another choke on Volkmann, but this time wrapping it up. As the fighters fell to the mat, it appeared Escudero had a north-south choke secured.

Volkmann wiggled free, but then ended up in a power guillotine choke, but the wrestler from Minnesota was able to withstand the hold and slip free as the fight came to a close.

The first two rounds clinched the fight for Volkmann, who now moves to 5-0 since dropping to the lightweight division and he’s now confident to even call out UFC champion Frankie Edgar after the win.

“Frankie, you better practice your takedown defense, if I get a hold of you, I’m taking you down,” Volkmann proclaimed.

Even with five wins in a row, Volkmann still appears quite a ways away from challenge Frankie Edgar however.

Manny Gamburyan vs. Diego Nunes

Looking to bounce back from a loss to Kenny Florian in June, Nova Uniao fighter Diego Nunes used superior kicking to out point Manny Gamburyan to kick off UFC 141.

Nunes established a wicked kick as soon as the fight started and he continuously punished Gamburyan’s lead leg, turning his thigh into a giant purple bruise by the third round.

Gamburyan fired back hard in the second round landing one of his signature right hands that rattled the Brazilian, but he was able to stay out of trouble and get to the clinch to avoid any more damage.

The final round resulted in more kicks from Nunes who fired over and over again, aiming for Gamburyan’s leg and midsection. The damage was done and the judges saw it the same way, giving 29-28 scores across the board to hand Diego Nunes the win.

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