Kim Couture Plans August Return To Fighting

Kim Couture

Kim Couture

It’s been a rough time for Kim Couture, but she has no plans on giving up fighting.

Last week, she returned to Xtreme Couture to begin training once again.

“I took some time off, obviously, and went to Hawaii to try and clear my head and get away,” Couture told “Gina (Carano) went with me, and we just laid by the pool, just went out there to get away from everything. I came back, felt rejuvenated, and missed training.”

Her divorce proceedings with Randy Couture began roughly three weeks ago, and she’s currently figuring out her next step. What’s clear, though, is that fighting has taken on a new urgency.

“I want to do this full-time,” she said. “Randy still wants to coach me, he still wants to be in my corner. We’re still sticking together as far the sport goes.”

She says talks have resumed with Scott Coker of Strikeforce and an August return is possible.

In an earlier interview, Strikeforce Director of Communications Mike Afromowitz said the promotion is undecided on whether there will be a major card as well as a Challenger Series at the end of summer.

Couture wants to fight at 125lbs., 10lbs. lighter than the contracted weight for her cancelled bout with Miesha Tate at Strikeforce Challenger Series on May 15. Tate went on to face British Columbia native Sarah Kaufman, losing by decision in three three-minute rounds.

“I’d like to fight (Miesha), but I think I’m going to stay at this weight class for a little bit,” said Couture. “I feel so much lighter and faster. I had to put 10lbs. of muscle on. I was trying to walk around at 140, so I could cut down to 135. I’m going to try a couple of fights out like this.

“I still want to fight her, because I want that wrestling match. I’m going to challenge her wrestling, because I feel my wrestling is more aggressive than hers. She seems to walk through her opponents with wrestling, but doesn’t have the same style as Randy, and that’s kind of my forte. But it’s going to be a while before I put that much weight on. If she could come down to 125, I’d fight her at 125.”

As for who she fights in August, it doesn’t matter.

“I’ve told him I’ll fight anybody,” said Couture.