September 17, 2007

by MMAWeekly TV

Norifumi “Kid” Yamamoto returns at K-1 Hero’s for his first mixed martial arts bout of 2007 today. With K-1 forming a new weight class, tailor-made for him, Yamamoto will finally get to compete against fighters his own size. Today, he faces King of the Cage and Jungle Fight veteran Bibiano Fernandes.

That’s not to say that he has done so bad competing outside of his natural weight class. Yamamoto has managed to compile an impressive 15-1 professional record.

Looking to notch another victory, Yamamoto spent some extra time on his ground game, preparing for the jiu-jitsu expertise of Fernandes.

“I’ve been training on the ground with a Brazilian jiu-jitsu guy … so I’ve been gaining confidence in my ground game,” said Yamamoto. “I feel most confident on my feet, but if it goes to the ground I’m not worried because I’m confident that I can hold my own, even if I’m on the bottom.”

With a 15-1 record, Yamamoto has earned the right to be confident against the 1-1 Fernandes. He wouldn’t give away how, but he is quite sure that he will walk away with another victory.

“I’m pretty confident that I can get the win. I’ve got a few scenarios in my head of how I can do it.”

Yamamoto did give fans an idea of what to expect when the action hits the ring.

“I’m going to go out there to stand up with him, and he’ll probably come out and try to shoot on me. So the fans are probably going to see that kind of a battle.”

In the hours leading up to the fight, MMAWeekly caught up with Yamamoto. The entire video interview is available now Behind The Scenes in the MMAWeekly.com Premium Members’ section.